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Our cause is Animals Australia. Animals Australia is internationally respected for its commitment to investigating and exposing animal abuse. As Australia's foremost animal protection organisation, Animals Australia works to protect the most vulnerable and abused animals in our society, focusing on the areas of greatest need such as factory farming and live animal export. Your support will underpin critical public awareness initiatives and help to send experienced investigators to where animals need them most. Learn more. Watch a video
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A personal message from The Wild Animal I Am:
Our target: $ 35,000
So far we've raised: $ 30,537


To all who donated - your generosity & commitment to achieving #30kbymay has been overwhelming. Thank you just isn't enough... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Note: Donations to the Wild Animal I Am will continue to be accepted. The fundraising page will remain... open, we will always support Animals Australia.

The Wild Animal I Am ||
TWAIA was born through a series of well-timed happenings.

The foundation – That deep, innate love for animals; a knowing that we are all one + the admiration of the lifesaving work Animals Australia do to make this world a kinder place.

The conversation – My Father asked β€œWho do you want to be in this world?"

I want to be someone who stands for what they believe, with passion; someone who is not stopped by fear.
On top of the foundations I already had, this clarity of thought sparked the beginning of The Wild Animal I Am Movement.

The inaugural Wild Animal I Am Fundraiser was held on 4th July 2013, together we raised $10,000+.  Sadly, not long after the fundraiser my father passed on to better place. The Wild Animal I Am fundraiser #2 was launched on 13th November 2014, in his memory.

Today the fundraising tally sits at over $25,000... Literally a sneeze away from reaching the 30k goal (especially while donations are being doubled!)

Words cannot convey the depth of my gratitude for those who have jumped in and wholeheartedly supported the Wild Animal I Am fundraisers. Donations have come in the form of auction items, artworks, use of venues, photographers & videographers, musicians, caterers, knowledge, encouragement and love. Thank you to all who take the time to share donation page details, don’t underestimate the positive impact this has.

Think about the person you would like to be in this world, let this define where you spend your time and how you treat other beings.

If each of us support a cause we are truly passionate about we will change the world for the better, and what an incredible place it will then be.

If you believe in a world FREE OF PAIN and suffering for animals, know that your financial support is helping the truly committed animal advocates at Animals Australia to continue with their incredible work.

100% of every donation will be invested into:

- Strengthening lobbying efforts to outlaw the cruellest factory farming practices: Factory Farming, Live Export, Puppy Mills.
- Supporting ongoing public awareness initiatives to expose factory farming on TV, online, and on billboards
- Assisting with intelligence gathering and the operations of the Animals Australia investigations unit

Thank you for being part of something bigger than your every day.
For taking an active part in making the world a kinder place.
Something truly worthwhile.

Love and appreciation,
The Wild Animal I Am Team

Connect with The Wild Animal I Am - Questions/interest in fundraising partnerships:

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Payment methods acceptedDonations to date

From Donation Date Comments
(Name witheld) $50.00 04-10-2017  
(Name witheld) $50.00 12-10-2016  
grace sinclair $5.00 02-06-2016  
(Name witheld) $5.00 31-05-2016  
Ola Girjoff-Mower $10.00 31-05-2016 A very worthy cause  
Alexandra Coutts $340.00 31-05-2016 || 30k by May || WE DID IT!! To all who gave - words cannot convey the depth of my gratitude!! To Robin for dollar matching the donations - I have no words, thank you is not enough... But THANK YOU!!! You are something else. To Animals Australia - we will all continue to support you in the incredible life saving work you do. Thank you beautiful, generous people #fortheanimals xxx 
Robin Harris $3,400.00 31-05-2016 Amazing effort everyone! Alex bless you for all your hard work xx for the animals xx 
Donna Locke $50.00 31-05-2016 The senseless atrocities need to stop. Please use my donation to help end their horror. 
Rhonda Martinez $50.00 31-05-2016 Great work AA 
(Name witheld) $15.00 31-05-2016  
Victoria Grzesiak $30.00 31-05-2016  
Michelle Sheriff $20.00 31-05-2016 Love your campaigns animals Australia  
Sophie Montgomery $5.00 31-05-2016  
Francis Atanacio $100.00 31-05-2016  
Kat Stork-Brett $5.00 31-05-2016  
Joe A $10.00 31-05-2016  
Urban Projuice $50.00 30-05-2016  
natallua nakharenka $15.00 30-05-2016  
Michelle Walker $50.00 30-05-2016  
Matt Patterson $207.00 30-05-2016  
Tahneigh Crotty $25.00 30-05-2016  
Rose Parsons $50.00 29-05-2016  
scott thurrowgood $672.00 29-05-2016 love your work alex 
(Name witheld) $2.00 29-05-2016  
Daniel Jorgensen $100.00 27-05-2016 The voice for the voice less !! Witnessing you sacrifice so much is very inspiring!  
(Name witheld) $75.00 26-05-2016  
marie catterall $50.00 26-05-2016 Alexandra. Thank you,and thank you to my favorite organisation Animals Australia 
Emre rothzerg $5.00 26-05-2016  
Neelika Amarasekara $10.00 26-05-2016  
Michelle Gunaratnam $50.00 25-05-2016 Keep up the amazing work! So proud of you xx 
Belinda Mitchell $25.00 24-05-2016 Thanks for helping the animals  
Bo Jones $100.00 19-05-2016 GO ALEX!!! Well done. 
RONALD TEODORO $50.00 19-05-2016 For my little pup's mates #mynameisbarclay 
JESS LONGE $50.00 19-05-2016 1 x Australia Piggy - Miss Coutts you're my hero x 
Brent Bailey $100.00 18-05-2016  
(Name witheld) $20.00 17-05-2016  
Kerry Thurrowgood $500.00 15-05-2016  
kerry thurrowgood $50.00 15-05-2016  
Yasmin Schaedler $50.00 12-05-2016 Massage voucher  
RENEE HARVIE $110.00 12-05-2016 With love from Renee, her friends and family. 
Hayley Wilson $33.00 12-05-2016 Have a giraffe! 
Trent Williams $50.00 12-05-2016 For All Animals 
Alexandra Coutts $50.00 10-05-2016 Donation from Fadia Toma my girrrrl at Father Johns! Thank you xx 
Adam Jorgensen $50.00 07-05-2016 Great work Alex! Ad,em,nahla,Tully  
Amanda wilkie $50.00 06-05-2016 good job :) 
Bianca Iwasiw $10.00 03-05-2016 Every dollar counts xx 
Krystal Longstaff $5.00 02-05-2016 Good luck, hope you hit your target! πŸ’– 
MARY CLEMONS $25.00 29-04-2016 Great work all round! Thank you. 
Kate Quinn $25.00 29-04-2016 Good luck with reaching your goal Alex xox 
Katie Slater $15.00 27-04-2016 Such a great cause, you have my support from Halfway across the world. Tinny xxxx 
Carlos Gutierrez $2.00 21-04-2016 love me some animals 😁😁 
Renee Bird $2.00 21-04-2016 Guuurrrl you are an inspiration! Love ya guts! 
Tamara Reyne $25.00 21-04-2016 Congratulations babe. You're doing such an incredible job. Xx 
Emma Taylor $50.00 19-04-2016 You're amazing, good luck with the rest of the month, I know you will reach your goal!!!! Hopefully this might feed a Koala or two xxx 
Aneliese Wallington $50.00 19-04-2016 I love the difference you make babe! 
Felicity Downes $5.00 17-04-2016 You're Are Gorg, Keep Changing The World :) 
Daniel Jorgensen $50.00 10-04-2016  
Roman Zakirov $25.00 10-04-2016 Awesome Effort hun!! 
(Name witheld) $100.00 01-04-2016  
(Name witheld) $100.00 22-02-2016  
Rose Parsons $50.00 12-11-2015 incredible work by an incredible girl for an incredible team! Thank you all for what you do! Xx 
(Name witheld) $10.00 12-11-2015  
M J $5.00 30-10-2015 Good work young lady 
(Name witheld) $10.00 28-10-2015  
Erica Matthews $50.00 28-10-2015  
(Name witheld) $20.00 23-10-2015  
David Blackie $230.00 23-10-2015  
Awaldeep Singh $50.00 07-10-2015 great work 
Daniel Jorgensen $50.00 07-10-2015 Keep up the amazing work :)  
Sarah Thomson $5.00 26-09-2015 Be the voice of the voiceless  
andrew walmsley $5.00 24-09-2015 Good luck 
(Name witheld) $50.00 24-09-2015  
emre rothzerg $2.00 17-09-2015  
Emre Rothzerg $2.00 14-09-2015  
emre rothzerg $2.00 14-09-2015  
Sam Wharton $55.00 02-01-2015 Won the bidding on Steven Smith 3 photo collage. The reserve amount went to Legends and Heroes, the remainder is for Animals Australia! Keep up the great work!! 
Allan Morrison $5,573.00 12-12-2014 Congratulations Alex and Crew on a wonderful fundraising effort. The amount of $5573 was from the credit card and ephtos transactions. on the.night. Legends and Heroes were very proud and honored to be involved in your fundraising efforts. Well done Alex you are the Legend 
caroline zuluaga $25.00 10-12-2014 Great work Alex and co! you are making a huge difference in the world :) 
Kimberley Chang $50.00 25-11-2014 Amazing Alex 
Brent Bailey $50.00 24-11-2014  
Ola Girjoff - Mower $25.00 23-11-2014 Brilliant event for a great cause... We must speak out on behave of all animals... On land, in the sea, in the air... For they too share this world and demand respect. 
Sara Lewicka $80.00 21-11-2014 For art work from the event :) 
Alexandra Coutts $3,397.00 21-11-2014 Cash total from event night. EFTPOS total will be deposited next week! 
Kate Quinn $280.00 17-11-2014 Artwork at live auction 
Claire Sunderland $100.00 16-11-2014 What a fantastic cause Alex. Your just amazing!! 
Dom Coutts $35.00 16-11-2014  
Geoff McGregor $50.00 14-11-2014 Save the animals, save the world! 
Danielle Wiegard $5.00 14-11-2014  
Emilie Painter $5.00 14-11-2014  
Richard Davies $25.00 14-11-2014  
Steve Cormack $100.00 13-11-2014 fantastic cause all the best with your fundraising Rox ! 
Jose Fonda $50.00 13-11-2014 Donation 
Farley Douglas $60.00 13-11-2014 2 x tickets ( ross Warby & farley douglas) 
Greg Townsend $25.00 13-11-2014 Great work guys :) xo 
Elizabeth Mercovich $30.00 13-11-2014 great cause - well done - 1x ticket 
BODINE JONES $50.00 13-11-2014 Well done Alex! Great cause ( 1 ticket ) 
Aimee Parker $20.00 13-11-2014 Aimee Parker & Ben Jones X2 tickets Thank you for organising such an incredible night  
Anthony Rigato $60.00 13-11-2014 2 tickets - Anthony Rigato & Nathan Johnson 
James Dean $50.00 13-11-2014 Happy to donate to a very worthwhile cause  
Qian Zhou $25.00 12-11-2014 Go Ali!!! 
Victoria Lennard $120.00 12-11-2014 Victoria lennard, Nicholas McKinnon, maryanne lennard, Florence Dunn, 4x tickets  
Richard Davies $25.00 12-11-2014  
(Name witheld) $30.00 12-11-2014  
Denise Guille $30.00 12-11-2014 Happy to donate to a great cause. Good work Alex!  
Leigh Bacchetti $25.00 11-11-2014 Keep up the great work guys!  
Joel Mead $30.00 11-11-2014 Joel Mead 1xTicket 
(Name witheld) $60.00 11-11-2014  
Hannah-Rose Wiltshire $60.00 11-11-2014 Kaitlyn Blaby, Hannah-Rose Wiltshire x2 tickets 
Amanda Schafer $90.00 11-11-2014 Thanks to the volunteers for all your work on this - 3 x tickets - Amanda Vickie and Mary  
Alex Allen $40.00 11-11-2014 Great cause xx 
jessica berry $60.00 10-11-2014 2 x tickets. Jess berry and Clayton white 
Raine Forrest $30.00 10-11-2014 Raine Forrest 1 x ticket 
Helen Hughes $90.00 09-11-2014 Helen Hughes, Michelle Connolly, Natasha Sharma 3x tickets 
Alia steglinski $60.00 09-11-2014 2 tix- Alia Milano and Louie Vutton 
Kate Quinn $60.00 09-11-2014 2 tickets: Ray Cornelius & Katie Quinn 
Sara Lewicka $50.00 07-11-2014 2 x tickets 
(Name witheld) $30.00 07-11-2014  
Jennifer Cosham $60.00 06-11-2014 Jennifer Cosham, Nathan Bartlett 2xticket 
Tegan Sayers $30.00 06-11-2014 1xticket please  
Patricia Wells $20.00 05-11-2014 Well done Alexandra love granny xo 
John Anderson $50.00 04-11-2014 Nice Job on last year's event. Looking forward to this one too!! 
(Name witheld) $60.00 04-11-2014  
Michelle Singh $50.00 29-10-2014 Best wishes; thanks so much for this <3 
Stephen Harris $60.00 25-10-2014 Steve Harris x 2 tickets  
Anita Loughran $60.00 25-10-2014 Anita Loughran, Lindsay Owen 2 x tickets 
Breeanna Amiet $15.00 25-10-2014 Various donations I've collected from friends. 
Breeanna Amiet $50.00 25-10-2014 Various donations I've collected from friends 
Ben Venuto $25.00 25-10-2014 Hope it's a huge success 
(Name witheld) $10.00 23-10-2014  
Greg Madder $30.00 23-10-2014 Greg Madder 1xTicket 
(Name witheld) $25.00 23-10-2014  
Fiona Beer $50.00 23-10-2014 Fiona Beer & Tom Crompton x2 tickets 
(Name witheld) $25.00 22-10-2014  
Eden Whitlock $50.00 22-10-2014 Let's make a difference :) 
Brendon Oates $80.00 20-10-2014 kristy & brendon 2 x tix 
Pam Wilkie $30.00 20-10-2014 Great work, Alex! You're amazing! 
ROBIN MASIH $270.00 20-10-2014 Lets do it! 
Sarah Thomson $30.00 18-10-2014 Sarah Thomson x1 
Jacqui Schafer $60.00 18-10-2014 2 x tickets Jax and Johnie xx can't wait !! 
Lee-Ann Blair $50.00 17-10-2014  
Travis Davidson $60.00 16-10-2014 Travis Davidson x2 tickets 
Jessica Flude $25.00 16-10-2014  
Andrea Ioannidis $30.00 15-10-2014  
Carmel Wells $30.00 14-10-2014 Very proud of you my darling xx 
Aneliese wallington $25.00 14-10-2014  
Marinella Salafia $100.00 13-10-2014 Can not wait!! Everyday people doing making a BIG difference! Be part of it!! 
(Name witheld) $60.00 13-10-2014  
Scott Cheslin $30.00 12-10-2014 Scott Cheslin 1xticket  
Roxy Mac $50.00 10-10-2014 SO PUMPED!!!  
lynn delahunty $50.00 06-10-2014  
Andrew Harris $50.00 04-10-2014 Pumped! Going to be a great event! 
Alexandra Coutts $50.00 04-10-2014 Taking action instead of talking about it!! Let's go! 
Adam ozmultipac $700.00 01-05-2014 We need animals as much as they need us!! great cause.. 
Alexandra Coutts $500.00 25-09-2013 Thank you so much for your generosity Isa Surge!!! 
Lesley and Bill Pugh $100.00 09-09-2013  
Justin Elliott $25.00 05-09-2013 doing great work guys, cant wait for the next event! 
Jose Fonda $726.00 02-09-2013 Party with Purpose Fundraiser! 
Jose Fonda $50.00 02-09-2013  
ASM Sports Memorabilia $760.00 09-08-2013 Extra proceeds, late payments for auction items from the night. Total of $3826 raised in clear profit from the auction. Please contact me at [email protected] if anyone else would like some items supplied for your charity, school or sporting club auction. Once again well done Alex - a great function :-) Barry ASM Sports Memorabilia 
Tracey McIrvine $75.00 07-08-2013 Snake Painting - Auction 
Alexandra Coutts $2,915.00 06-08-2013 Thanks to everyone for generously contributing!!!! 
Ruben Arunasalam $150.00 09-07-2013 King 
Cara Greedy $50.00 08-07-2013 Giraffe painting - silent auction 
Cal Jensen $100.00 05-07-2013 Good work guys, please save those poor animals.. The people need done to them what they do to the animals.!!  
Shaun McGrath $50.00 05-07-2013  
Tiffany Bond $25.00 05-07-2013 Love what you're doing Alex! 
Jason Azzopardi $50.00 05-07-2013  
Sheree Bartolo $40.00 04-07-2013 2 x tickets sheree bartolo and bobby lambeth 
Julian Coutts $50.00 04-07-2013 Ricki & Julian Coutts. See you tonight 
Marvel Electrical $50.00 04-07-2013  
Maryclaire Cassisi $20.00 04-07-2013 Maryclaire Cassisi 
(Name witheld) $20.00 04-07-2013  
Stephanie Mahon $20.00 04-07-2013 Loryn Reid x1 ticket  
Sara Lewicka $40.00 04-07-2013 2 X tickets - Sara Lewicka & Trent Marshall 
Rodrigo Ramirez $35.00 04-07-2013 It`s time to raise animal cruelty issues to public scrutiny and debate, thanks for organising the event 
Kym Coutts $25.00 04-07-2013 Sorry cannot make it, Kym, Thanh and Mai. 
Roxy McIlroy $40.00 04-07-2013 2 Tickets please. Roxy McIlroy & Kylie Miller 
Lauren Taylor $40.00 04-07-2013 X2 tickets for Lauren and Matt  
Philippa Lyons $60.00 04-07-2013 3 x tickets please - Pip Lyons, Trent Lyons, Charlotte Dutton 
Sarah Matheson $25.00 04-07-2013 Have a wonderful night and sorry I can't make it <3 
Jose Fonda $80.00 04-07-2013 Tickets x1 Alma Fonda, x1 Mark Russell, x1 Gary Pepyat, x1 Annette Pepyat 
Glenyce Bacon $40.00 04-07-2013 Glenyce Bacon, Steve Bacon 2xtickets 
John Collins $50.00 04-07-2013  
(Name witheld) $30.00 04-07-2013  
Jasmin Newham $40.00 04-07-2013 Jasmin Newham, Michael Van Zyl 2 x tickets 
Simon Coutts $25.00 04-07-2013 Sorry I can't make it.  
Casey Scott $25.00 04-07-2013 Wish I could make it, glad to donate to this amazing cause- casey  
Marg Kerby $50.00 04-07-2013 Tickets for Marg & Neil Kerby Good job Alex 
(Name witheld) $50.00 04-07-2013  
Marcus Taylor $25.00 03-07-2013 Vince Scaffidi donation 
KARL BACASH $50.00 03-07-2013 Karl Bacash, Anthony Malcolm 2 x tickets 
(Name witheld) $25.00 03-07-2013  
Kyle Leahy $25.00 03-07-2013 Great cause! Hope it's a successful night! 
Clare Patching $50.00 03-07-2013 Great thing you're doing Alex! Wish we could be there! Lots of love Clare and thommo 
(Name witheld) $100.00 03-07-2013  
Spencer McAuliffe $50.00 03-07-2013 2xTickets (Spencer McAuliffe/Nev Maxfield) $10 donation 
Julian Khojasteh $50.00 03-07-2013 Go Animals! 
Cara Greedy $70.00 03-07-2013 Cara Greedy ticket x6 
Cara Greedy $50.00 03-07-2013 Cara Greedy ticket x6 
Melissa Brown $40.00 03-07-2013 Melissa Brown , Lily Brown 2 x tickets  
Natalie Heslop $25.00 03-07-2013 Natalie Heslop x 1 
Bradley Matthews $20.00 03-07-2013 Brad Matthews x1 Ticket 
Georgia Harris $40.00 02-07-2013 2x tickets: Georgia Harris and Lucy Fitchett 
Bronwyne Beer $50.00 02-07-2013 2x tickets Bronwyne Beer 
Christine Ringrow $40.00 02-07-2013 Looking forward to the night Christine Ringrow Markus van Fondern 
Jan Fischer $50.00 02-07-2013  
(Name witheld) $25.00 02-07-2013  
Kate Rijs $25.00 02-07-2013 Kate Rijs 1 x ticket 
Joanna Finney $50.00 02-07-2013  
Leesa Cullen $25.00 01-07-2013 I'll do whatever I can for the animals. 
Claire mccoll $50.00 01-07-2013 Bruce McColl 1 ticket, Claire McColl 1 ticket 
Donna Fahie $50.00 01-07-2013 Donna Fahie, Emma Spurrell 2 x tickets 
Jane Ennor $20.00 01-07-2013 Amanda Fulton 1xticket 
Melody McC $25.00 30-06-2013 Such a great cause 
Andrew Harris $40.00 30-06-2013 2 Tickets: Dave Lowther & Andrew Oberdorfer 
Alessio di Monaco di Monaco $50.00 29-06-2013 Alessio + Nicola tix 
Gai Van Staveren $50.00 29-06-2013 Gai & John x 2 tickets 
Alexandra Coutts $25.00 28-06-2013 $25 donation from David Lindeman :) 
Alexandra Coutts $50.00 28-06-2013 $50 donation is from the amazing Bondine Jones! 
Andrew Harris $50.00 28-06-2013 Really excited for the night!  
Nancy Lane $25.00 28-06-2013 Nancy Lane 1x ticket 
(Name witheld) $25.00 28-06-2013  
Taylor Mciver $25.00 28-06-2013 $25 donation 
Stephanie Mahon $60.00 28-06-2013 Steph, Olivia and Liz Mahon x3 tickets 
Marinella Salafia $40.00 27-06-2013 Marinella Salafia, Tom Hunter 2 xticket 
lucy coutts $60.00 27-06-2013 x3 tickets Lucy, Trav & Mum 
Natalie Kourlinis $75.00 27-06-2013 Awesome job, Alex!  
Magda Wozny $80.00 27-06-2013  
alicia Iliopoulos $25.00 26-06-2013 sorry i wont be there, hopefully alot of money gets raised 
Bek Fabris $50.00 26-06-2013 Bek Fab x1 ticket sooo excited :) 
Travis Davidson $25.00 24-06-2013 Hope its a great night Ali. Sorry I won't be able to make 
Robert Birchall $50.00 24-06-2013 Bob Birchall x1 ticket 
Caitlin McColl $40.00 21-06-2013 Caitlin McColl, John Maloney 2x Tickets 
Lisa McGregor $50.00 21-06-2013 Lisa McGregor, Monica Polec, Jennifer Heyes x 3 tickets  
Lisa Mcgregor $50.00 20-06-2013 $50 donation. I wish I could make it on the night! Goodluck and never stop fighting for this cause! I support you 100% 
(Name witheld) $50.00 18-06-2013  
Jax Schafer $50.00 17-06-2013 Jax Schafer & Sam Schafer 2 tickets 
Allison Dore $25.00 16-06-2013 1 x ticket Chris Poynton 
Edward Morris $20.00 16-06-2013 Great cause - Good luck Alex 
Natalie Zuluaga $20.00 16-06-2013 Wish I could be there Alex ! 
RJ & CP Zuluaga $40.00 16-06-2013 Well Done Alexandra 
Sarah Thomson $50.00 15-06-2013  
jose fonda $50.00 13-06-2013 Jose Fonda x1 ticket 
Marcus Taylor $200.00 13-06-2013 Nothing more satisfying than being the voice of the voiceless.  
Amber Wilkie $50.00 13-06-2013 A. Wilkie, P Wilkie x 2 tickets 
Hayley Wilson $20.00 12-06-2013 Hayley Wilson 1x ticket 
Katie Quinn $20.00 08-06-2013 Well done Alex. I'm sure the event will be a huge success! xx 
Caroline Zuluaga $25.00 07-06-2013 $25 donation 
Fiona Beer $50.00 06-06-2013 Important cause - really looking forward to the fundraiser night! 
Alexandra Coutts $50.00 06-06-2013 This is going to be an amazing event!!! 

Sponsor Me Now! All donations are processed on a secure server and are sent directly to Animals Australia. Your donation will be put to work to help fund investigations, expose animal cruelty, and support critical public awareness programs.