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My cause is Kangaroos. Australia's beloved icon is under attack. Each night in the Australian outback, kangaroos are shot for their flesh and skins, resulting in the largest land-based commercial wildlife slaughter in the world. Some 400,000 orphaned joeys are bludgeoned to death as 'colateral damage' of the hunt every year. Your support will help increase public awareness about the cruelty of kangaroo products, strengthen much-needed lobbying efforts, and help protect kangaroos and their joeys from a cruel and unsustainable hunt. Learn more.
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My target: $ 10,000
So far I've raised: $ 0

I'm raising money to stop the largest land-based wildlife slaughter in the world. My name is Nora Shayeb. I am an artist dedicating my work to raise awareness about environmental issues, Nature conservation and animal welfare. With the sale of my ‘Wildlings’ sculptures – miniature Australian wildlife sculptures in bronze -  I’m aiming to raise funds to support like-minded organisations such... as Animals Australia.  
To me, Animals Australia is not only a powerful ‘Voice for Animals’. As a nature conservationist I believe Animals Australia is contributing something very important to the protection of Nature and wildlife habitat. They are raising awareness that the consumption of animal products is directly connected to climate change and consequently to the destruction of Nature.  With their compassionate campaigns and messages Animals Australia inspires people to minimise their meat intake or become vegan. Switching to a plant-based diet I think is the most important and effective action one can take to save Planet Earth - Nature - wildlife habitat and with that wildlife. And last but not least, Animals Australia reminds us to be kind and act responsible towards ALL our fellow Earthlings.
Australia’s wildlife is unique and precious. The kangaroo is the most iconic species and part of Australia’s coat of arms…and yet it is treated in such a horrific and inhumane way. I would like the world to know what cruelty and waste of life is behind the kangaroo meat sold in the supermarkets overseas!

With the sales of my ‘Wildlings’ sculpture I wish to support and contribute to the wonderful work of Animals Australia by committing to donate $700 of each sale of a Wildling, which retail at $1250.00 each.
Please visit my online gallery to see my limited edition Australian wildlife bronze sculptures:  www.thewildstate.com
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