“So far we've raised $2,150 to help end live exports. Please help us reach our goal of $3,000!
— TALE Inc

Recent Donations
  • Danielle Filardi gave $50.00. “Live export has to stop. It is the most sickening of them all. Thank you so much for your fundraising and awareness efforts. Australia needs to stop turning a blind eye and end this disgusting trade.”
  • leesa porter gave $50.00. “STOP THIS CRUEL TRADE”
  • Teresa Patel gave $150.00.
  • Helen Harris gave $25.00. “keep up the awesome work you do!”
  • Debra Ashcroft gave $10.00.
  • rebecca smith gave $50.00. “Please let this be on my bus”
  • MIke Rubenach gave $20.00. “cruelty to animals must stop”
  • Annie Frankcom gave $50.00. “Lets Aim for Lots of Buses”
  • Charlie Dearle gave $80.00.
  • Sarah Levy gave $50.00.
  • Debbie Edwards gave $50.00. “Stop it the sooner the better”
  • Jacqueline Toomey gave $15.00.
  • Dominique Thiriet gave $50.00.
  • craig sambell gave $50.00. “Please stop this barbaric activity”
  • Lisa Zilberpriver gave $25.00.
  • Jackie Weedman gave $50.00. “We will stop live animal export”
  • dorothy Fletcher gave $50.00.
  • Janet McCarthy gave $100.00. “Great work Tale”
  • Deb Rothschild gave $50.00.
  • Emma Brown gave $20.00.
  • Maureen Sladdin gave $50.00. “Happy to help stop the cruelty”
  • Adriana Wall gave $100.00. “This cruel trade needs to end.”
  • Petra Elliott gave $50.00. “Keep up the great work TALE”
  • Patricia Sloan-Raso gave $50.00. “Stop this barbaric trade now, theres no reason for live animals to be put through such agony. Its just not acceptable and it needs to be stopped now.”
  • Brooke Lenon gave $25.00. “Good work TALE”
  • Jill Brown gave $25.00.
  • Belinda Slater gave $50.00.

About our cause

Our cause is Exported animals. Every year millions of Australian animals are sent to slaughter in countries with no laws to protect them from cruelty. Animals Australia's investigations have revealed the routine brutality inflicted upon animals in destination countries, resulting in a suspension of the live trade to Indonesia and Egypt, and intense public pressure for a complete ban. Your support will help ensure Animals Australia can continue to lobby governments and send investigators to where animals need them most, to bring about an end to live exports. Learn more.
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Your secure online donation will go directly to supporting Animals Australia's vital work to protect animals from cruelty and neglect. Thank you for helping to create a kinder world! TIP: Make a donation of $35 or more, and you can opt to become a complimentary member of Animals Australia (find out more).

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