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My cause is factory farmed animals. Australians are opposed to animal cruelty. Yet hidden from public view, most animals raised into human care suffer lives of misery in factory farms. These animals have been excluded from laws that protect dogs and cats from acts of extreme cruelty such as intense confinement and painful surgical procedures without pain relief. Animals Australia's award winning Make it Possible campaign, investigations, and media exposés are leading the charge to end factory farming. Your support can help stop this cruelty forever. Learn more. Watch a video
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A personal message from Susie:
My target: $ 1,000
So far I've raised: $ 870

I'm raising money to help end factory farming. Please help to end factory farming! Most people care for animals and want to do the right thing, but aren't aware of the lives that factory farmed animals lead. We need to increase awareness and encourage people to buy ethically sourced products. There are very few free range pig products available and the source of... the meat is often hidden. It's campaigns like the 'make it possible' campaign that can make a difference to the lives of these animals. Please donate to help this cause. Thank you! See More »

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Erin Russell $20.00 14-08-2014 Nice work Susie x 
Karina Tyson $50.00 02-08-2014 Great cause! 
roger meischke $100.00 01-08-2014 wonderful work! 
Susan Hanns $50.00 31-07-2014 Thank you everyone, we're nearly there! 
Clare Guest $50.00 16-07-2014  
Glenda Anderson $100.00 11-07-2014 Good work Susie 
Helen Stokes $50.00 09-07-2014 Excellent cause. 
Caroline Harvey $40.00 08-07-2014 Well done Susie!  
Kate Meikle $50.00 08-07-2014 proud of you, auntie Susie and pleased to be supporting such an important cause xox  
Pardip Pillai $50.00 04-07-2014 What a great cause! Well done my girl! xx 
Julie Clarence $50.00 03-07-2014 Great cause, go Suzie Q x 
Ariane Le Guen $50.00 01-07-2014 I definitely need more awareness! Go my beautiful Susie!!! 
Lara carloff $10.00 30-06-2014 Awesome work Suze! <3 
Chloe Spear $50.00 29-06-2014 Nice work! :) 
roger meischke $100.00 28-06-2014 well done 
Ben Hanns $50.00 28-06-2014 Such an important cause, happy to help 

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