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Our cause is Horses. Horses, known for their grace and beauty, are loved by many. Yet few people are aware that thousands of healthy horses are killed annually simply because they aren't fast enough to race — or that the brutality of jumps racing results in an alarming rate of horse injuries and on-track fatalities. Your support will strengthen Animals Australia's public awareness initiatives to expose cruelty in the horse racing industry, and ramp up pressure on governments to immediately ban jumps racing and increase protection for all racehorses. Learn more. Watch a video
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A personal message from Bec, Liv, Eloise:
Our target: $ 250
So far we've raised: $ 355

We're raising money to help end cruelty to racehorses. Our overall fundraising aim is a whopping $250!

But to further encourage you guys, if you reach $100, we promise to take part in a "human horse race" at the party. Think of us crawling around with other people on our backs racing to the finish line!

BUT, the major prize for reaching our $250 target is even... better! If we raise $250, we will hold a human auction at the party. You guys can bet individually or as teams, but whoever bets the most money wins the prize (for one hour)! The prize in this case being a beautiful horse (Bec, Eloise or Liv). Activities you can have fun doing with your "horse" include: horsey rides (piggy back or little kid style), leading us around with our very own (totally non-sexual) horse bit (a horse's mouth gag), or just asking us to grab you another drink from the fridge.

Hold onto your saddle guys, this is going to be one WILD RIDE!
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From Donation Date Comments
Angus Bratter $50.00 29-10-2016 Great Cause - great event idea 
Sam Johns $30.00 29-10-2016  
Sara Abdi $20.00 26-10-2016  
Michelle Montgomery $20.00 25-10-2016  
Cate Ryan $50.00 24-10-2016 Proud of you girls and your passion xx 
Ya Mum $25.00 13-10-2016  
Chris Pratt $25.00 27-09-2016  
(Name witheld) $10.00 27-09-2016  
Poopy Butthole $25.00 27-09-2016 Great cause! 
Matt Wood $100.00 22-09-2016 You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run🎶 

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