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Our cause is Animals Australia. Animals Australia is internationally respected for its commitment to investigating and exposing animal abuse. As Australia's foremost animal protection organisation, Animals Australia works to protect the most vulnerable and abused animals in our society, focusing on the areas of greatest need such as factory farming and live animal export. Your support will underpin critical public awareness initiatives and help to send experienced investigators to where animals need them most. Learn more. Watch a video
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A personal message from Sean Read:
Our target: $ 2,500
So far we've raised: $ 2,575

Please support my online memorial for Sean Read Sean was an amazing person who touched everyone he came in contact with. He was a skilled Vet, Theatre professional and an all Star, all round Guru.

Sean's quote taken from his facebook page really sums up the amazing man he truly was. (shared with his brother Warren) "Unless there is a really good reason to say no... - always say yes" - Warren and Sean Read

Sean's Family have kindly asked should you wish to send a gift, please do so in the form of a Donation, so what better way then to have a Tribute page created in his name, to raise funds for Animals Australia.

Sean touched so many people in the Mandurah Community and far beyond.

He will be greatly missed.
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From Donation Date Comments
(Name witheld) $50.00 14-03-2013  
Daniel Voak $50.00 14-03-2013  
Narelle Wright $50.00 12-03-2013 In memory of a truly wonderful person who touched many lives including the Fury kind. Your one of a kind, happy go lucky and caring influence will be truly missed by everyone who have been honoured to have known you in our lives. Life will not be the same!  
Stephanie-Jane Lewendon-Lowe $50.00 12-03-2013 To a brilliant friend. You were truly a generous man and I cannot thank you enough for everything you did. My thoughts are with the Read family. I will never forget you, Sean xoxox 
Melissa Smith $100.00 10-03-2013 In honour of a truly selfless and generous man, who made an impact in the lives of my family, my two pups Dayzee and Eve and also my own. I'll miss your smiling face on stage Sean, your 'can do' attitude back stage and your reassuring smile each time I walked into the vet with a nervous patient in my arms :) Rest in Peace xox  
Peter and Simone Brigg $50.00 09-03-2013 Fond memories of a person who brought sparkle to every encounter! RIP Sean 
Alison & Cal Goss $50.00 09-03-2013 In loving memory of a wonderful friend who always believed in and encourage us to reach our full potential. Sean was a definiate have a go kind a guy and a wonderful vet who saved my beautiful dogs life when I was struggling to make ends met. Thank you Tan for sharing this wonderful man with the rest of us. He made the world a better place and we will miss him dearly.  
Ailsa Williams $50.00 08-03-2013
Helen Vergone $50.00 08-03-2013 "Sean" Pinjarra High doesn't seem that long ago but time does not stand still for anyone. Your time may not have been as long as others but your time has touched many. My thoughts are with you Tania.  
Kandese Butler $50.00 07-03-2013 Will miss you Uncle Sean! Love to Aunty Tan, Caris, Maddie, Brodes and Elise. Love Tim, Kandese and kids xoxo 
Leanne Lind $50.00 07-03-2013 Thank Sean for being my loving friend for the past 30 years. I'm a better person for having you in my life. The beach house will not be the same without you there. Love Leanne, Al, Logan and Lucca xxxx 
Renee Hardman $50.00 07-03-2013 In memory of Sean Read, for being my friend, for getting Steve and I into all sorts of mischief, and for the fun and laughter you brought into my life. Rest in peace x,  
Craig Balme $50.00 07-03-2013 Sean, thank you very much for the care you gave to our Banjo & Clancy. Deepest sympathy to family and friends at this difficult time. Craig & Robyn Balme  
Shoreina Pereira $100.00 07-03-2013 Seani, life will not be the same without you. You were a second dad to me and we had so many great times together both at and outside of theatre and I know that every time I perform you will be there watching me xox RIP Love Shoreini Fettucini  
Diana Oliver $50.00 07-03-2013 Sean - Hope you know how loved you were and how much you meant to so many people! Thanks for sharing with us all your amazing talent sthrough theatre, music and incredible set building! Thanks for the kindness nad compassion you showed our pets. Rest In Peace = Diana Steve and Aimee Oliver  
Phil Vergone $50.00 07-03-2013 You will be sadly missed mate. A model family man,business man ,community man. Just an all round top bloke.Rest in peace 
Caryn Rance $25.00 07-03-2013 I have known you probably since I was in primary school and you were more than happy to take me on for work experience in high school. You knew my parents well and we were all just devastated to hear you had gone. Please give Maxy a hug for me, I'm sure he'll be right there along with thousands of other animals, waiting to say "Hello". We are all thinking of your family.  
angela mccabe $25.00 07-03-2013 Although I did not know Sean personally it seems that I am the only person in Mandurah who did not - he sounds like a complete legend and anybody who cared for animals as he did and who inspires people to treat animals with respect has my admiration. Kindest thoughts to his family  
Jill Burgess $50.00 07-03-2013 One of the kindest most generous men I ever met who once looked after a stray dog I found for four days without charge until his owner was located.You were an inspiration Sean in the theatrical and veterinary arenas and the Peel region will be a much poorer place without you. 
Lorraine Webb $50.00 06-03-2013 Sean cared for all our animals over the past 25 years and first met him as on course Vet at the WA Greyhounds. He was such a cool and calm person and my heart goes out to Tania and the girls at this sad time 
Chantel Bell $50.00 06-03-2013 Thank you Sean for just being you. One of the kindest, most generous, supportive and talented people I knew. Thoughts and prayers to the Read family.  
Jack McKenzie $50.00 06-03-2013 One of the best blokes I knew. A huge inspiration to me and everybody fortunate enough to have known him. He will be sorely missed. Rest in peace Sean, all our love to the Reads and all his family and friends. From the McKenzies. 
norma faulkner $25.00 06-03-2013 Sean,thank you for caring for jazz you will be sadly missed. From the Faulkner family 
Georgia McGivern $50.00 06-03-2013 Sean, you are such an inspiration to us all. All you ever did was give and help people, somebody everyone aspires to be. Thank you for everything you've done, and for the lifetime of memories. Love to the Read family, from the McGivern Family. 
Kati Pond $50.00 06-03-2013 So very sad to hear this news. Hats off to an inspiring man/role model/legacy. Such a loss. Sending sympathy, strength & healing energy to the entire Read clan. Kati, Keegan & Joel Pond 
Amber Southall $25.00 06-03-2013 A true gentleman with an inspiring legacy to hold close. He will be remembered for years to come and his spirit will always be dancing through the Mandurah community. Such an incredible guy, who belived in everyone and put both animals and people before himself. My heart goes out to the Read family, much love Amber  
Trick Cole $50.00 06-03-2013 Forever remembered for everything you've done for us :). Love to the Read family from the Cole family. 
Annette Aust $25.00 06-03-2013 Deepest sympathy to Sean's family A wonderful Vet who will be sadly missed  
Stacey Cole $25.00 06-03-2013 Sean treated every animal that crossed his path with dignity and respect. I will forever remember that he opened his office late one night to lovingly treat my terminally ill dog Happy, and never once suggested putting him down. He gave my little boy some precious extra time with his family. Sean will be sorely missed.  
Jimeoin Hegney $50.00 06-03-2013 Sean, you were a wonderful man and you raised wonderful children that affected my life in so many positive ways. You also saved my dog Jessie from Cancer and so many other things more times than I can count. You will be sorely missed by all who knew you. 
Mathew Perry $50.00 06-03-2013 To a true gentleman that always put animals and other people before himself. Always professional, but also endearing, You will be missed. Our heartfelt wishes to all the wonderful Read family. 
Michele Perry $50.00 06-03-2013 Such sadness and loss for a beautiful family and our community. It is with love and regret that we pledge a heartfelt donation. His selfless work will always be remembered. All or love to our friends, the whole lovely Read family. xx 
Brenda Arto $200.00 05-03-2013 Sean u have been our vet/friend for 30 years now you will be sadly missed. Tony,midge Sita and Brenda , carlia and Casey art of 
Shem Le Scelle $25.00 05-03-2013 Nothing but love to and from you! 
Moira D'Souza $50.00 05-03-2013 Thank you for being such a wonderful and caring friend. You will always be in our hearts. Moira and Megs 
Barry Jones $50.00 05-03-2013 You were an Amazing Person Sean We will miss you so much. Rest in Peace. Love Leann, Barry, Aaron, Chloe, Embraer and Bruiser Jones 
Peter Bonner $50.00 05-03-2013 Forever missed and loved by all. RIP Sean, your actions made this world a better place. The Bonner family. 
Alex & Xen & Bailee Bell $50.00 05-03-2013 Sean you believed in us when no-one did... Just 3 of your 'projects' 
Jaci Orr $50.00 05-03-2013 RIP Sean. The memories of a remarkable man, husband, father, son and brother will be cherished forever by your family and friends/ 
Greg Butcher $50.00 05-03-2013 Amazing Man "Rest In Peace" 
Sarah Christiner $50.00 05-03-2013 My absolute pleasure to give to this cause, in memory of such a great guy :-) 
Annette Schrader $50.00 05-03-2013 Thank you to Sean for saving my two Beagles who had eaten snail pellets, without Sean's quick work and kindness they wouldn't be here today. RIP Sean xx 
Cally Ellis $100.00 05-03-2013 Rest in Peace Sean..you truly were a beautiful person and will be sadly missed. 
willem van schaik $100.00 05-03-2013 you are the best Sean 
Shae Pereira $50.00 05-03-2013 We will always love you and miss you Sean xx 
(Name witheld) $50.00 05-03-2013  
Aaron Jones $100.00 05-03-2013 Rest In Peace Sean. Thank You For Everything you ever did for all creatures big and small. x 

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