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Our cause is Pigs. Pigs are remarkable animals. They share strong social bonds and are among the most intelligent species on Earth. Yet most pigs endure routine cruelty in factory farms that would be illegal if inflicted upon a dog or cat. Your support will ensure that Animals Australia can continue its critical work to end their suffering by lobbying governments, investigating cruelty, and revealing the truth about factory farming to caring consumers through television exposés and national TV, billboard, and radio campaigns. Learn more. Watch a video
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A personal message from Animals Australia:
Our target: $ 1,000
So far we've raised: $ 600

We're raising money to help end cruelty to pigs. Pigs are smart, loyal and affectionate animals. Like dogs, they feel pain and fear, and seek comfort. Yet in factory farms they suffer shocking cruelty and are denied the freedom to express their most basic instincts.

In Australia, it is legal for a mother pig to be severely restrained in a sow crate for her entire... 16 week pregnancy. In this cramped space, she cannot even turn around. She is forced to give birth on a hard concrete floor in the same space where she toilets. Unprotected by animal cruelty laws that apply to dogs and cats, her piglets endure painful surgical procedures, such as having their teeth and tails cut, and males can be castrated without anaesthetic.

Factory farming has thrived because it is hidden from public view. But Animals Australia's ground breaking campaigns are shining on a light on this cruel industry.

Through investigations and nationwide TV, radio and billboard campaigns, Animals Australia has achieved unprecedented exposure for pigs. Millions of compassionate Australians have been informed about factory farming, and many have been inspired to cast their vote at the checkout by refusing to buy factory farmed products.

This work on behalf of pigs has forced government, retailers and industry to act. In 2010, following a nationwide advertising campaigns by Animals Australia, Tasmania became the first Australian state to commit to phasing out sow crates; Coles also committed to phasing out use of sow crates; and in a landmark victory for pigs, the Australian pork industry announced a voluntary national phase out of these cruel crates.

With cruel confinement, and painful mutilations still legal and common practice on factory farms. Pigs need our help now as much as ever. With your support we can continue the campaigning to free pigs from factory farms.

Momentum is building to ensure that pigs are treated more humanely, and you can make a real difference to their lives now by giving today.
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Vicki Mazis $15.00 26-04-2016 Keep up the great work 
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mary maselli $25.00 06-03-2013 how can aussies be so cruel to poor defenceless animals 

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