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Our cause is Kangaroos. Australia's beloved icon is under attack. Each night in the Australian outback, kangaroos are shot for their flesh and skins, resulting in the largest land-based commercial wildlife slaughter in the world. Some 400,000 orphaned joeys are bludgeoned to death as 'colateral damage' of the hunt every year. Your support will help increase public awareness about the cruelty of kangaroo products, strengthen much-needed lobbying efforts, and help protect kangaroos and their joeys from a cruel and unsustainable hunt. Learn more.
A personal message from Animals Australia:
Our target: $ 1,000
So far we've raised: $ 520

We're raising money to stop the largest land-based wildlife slaughter in the world. Kangaroos may be our national icon, and a much admired animal. But sadly, Skippy is far from safe from cruelty.

Each year millions of kangaroos are killed for commercial purposes, to be sold for their meat and skins - in the largest land-based wildlife slaughter in the world. Hunters track and shoot them at night;... bundling their corpses off to be sold. Many more die in non-commercial culls.

Out of sight of most Australians, and in remote parts of the country, there is no effective animal welfare monitoring of this profit driven slaughter.

Orphaned joeys may suffer the worst of this terrible trade. Often they are killed with a heavy blow to the head by hunters (as Government regulations recommend). Worse still, if left behind, they are likely to fall prey to predators or suffer a drawn-out death as they starve.

Animals Australia is campaigning to end to this cruel and unnecessary slaughter of Australian wildlife. We are bringing this hidden and shameful practice to the attention of caring Australians and lobbying government to protect roos.

Your support will allow us to continue to defend our nation's unique icon and help us win the fight against this cruel commercial industry.
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Rossana Eddy $10.00 05-01-2020 Thank you for helping our beautiful Kangaroos 
Georgina Whelan $200.00 31-12-2015 This is for Elka wardega donation page. I couldn't find the link. Can you please link for me. ☺️ 
Daisy Chee $250.00 26-02-2015 Thank you for what you are doing for animals. Your publicity through Four Corners has really raised awareness of the plight of animals. So thank you so much 
Pru Pru $5.00 30-11-2013 There should be more great australians doing great things! 
Leisa Moore $25.00 07-05-2013 Please help our beautiful Kangaroos. 
John hughes $30.00 06-03-2013  

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