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My cause is factory farmed animals. Australians are opposed to animal cruelty. Yet hidden from public view, most animals raised into human care suffer lives of misery in factory farms. These animals have been excluded from laws that protect dogs and cats from acts of extreme cruelty such as intense confinement and painful surgical procedures without pain relief. Animals Australia's award winning Make it Possible campaign, investigations, and media exposés are leading the charge to end factory farming. Your support can help stop this cruelty forever. Learn more. Watch a video
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A personal message from Ruby:
My target: $ 645
So far I've raised: $ 645

I'm raising money to help end factory farming. The cruelty that animals in Australia suffer is immense. Hundreds of thousands of animals are locked in minuscule cages, for their whole lives.

Egg hens are kept in small cages, with multiple hens in each space. They have dim light, little food and water and disgusting living conditions. Hen that die are often left... in their cages for days, infecting the others. These hens are traumatised, and on the rare occasion that they're rescued, can have health problems for the rest of their life. They hatch with millions of chicks in the same small cage, in that same day they are sexed-if they're found to be roosters they're thrown into a moving grinder or gassed-and have their beaks removed without anaesthetic. Battery farming is one of the worst examples of the cruelty shown to Australian animals.

Meat chickens are genetically engineered to grow at three times their normal rate, to make sure they have optimal muscle and meat content. Their legs often collapse underneath them and they die slowly, painfully. They have basic grain that doesn't provide the needed nutrients. There are hundreds of chickens in each shed, shoved against each other.

Pigs are kept in small cages, called sow crates. They are unable to move, to act like a normal pig. Mother sows are often tied down, allowing the piglets to suckle as much as possible. Piglets have their teeth trimmed, tails cut off and are castrated in their first week of life, all without anaesthetic. Some females are chosen to be sows for years ahead and the other are sold as meat. Sows spent their life either with piglets or pregnant. A constant cycle of pain and cruelty until they collapse.

There are other animals as well, suffering unbearable pain and cruelty from the human race. That humans could be able to do such a thing, shows without a doubt that there are problems in our society. That animals can be treated with this blatant abuse, yet the perpetrators are paid for it, shows how far the human race will go for money.  

For my challenge I have chosen to complete an Equathon- swim, run, showjumping round. I'd be doing the swim at my local pool, running home and completing the jumping on my horse. I aim to do a 1km swim, 4.4km run and an 80cm show jumping round. As a fourteen year old girl I believe this sufficiently tests my abilities. I will be completing my challenge on the 22nd of November.

I have completed my equathon in a combined time of 50.25 minutes. My swim time was 23 minutes, my run 26.24 and my showjumping round 1.01, with no knocked rails or refusals.

Here is a snippet from my show jumping:

Thank you so much to everyone who donated, I have reached my initial target!!!

Please help me in making this world a better place.
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From Donation Date Comments
Lucy Burns $25.00 29-11-2014 Donated on behalf of Kylie, Belle Claire and Mands  
Lucy Quarterman $25.00 24-11-2014 Great work Rubes - keep it up 
Ceci Clements $25.00 24-11-2014  
Trina Hipwell $25.00 24-11-2014 Great job Ruby! 
Susan Connelly $50.00 24-11-2014 Well done, Ruby! 
Ben Turner $25.00 23-11-2014 We admire your commitment and determination, Ruby. Very well done! x 
Danielle Scurrah $25.00 23-11-2014 Fantasy effort Ruby, what a great cause. 
Neil Cameron $25.00 23-11-2014 Great effort & dedication to fantastic cause! 
John Burns $35.00 23-11-2014 Well done Ruby! 
Che Bishop $35.00 23-11-2014 Congratulations Ruby on setting this up and achieving such a great time on your run and swim! 
Anjali Donaldson $25.00 22-11-2014 Well done Ruby xx Anj 
Linda Wilson $25.00 22-11-2014 Well Done! 
Carolyn Herriott $50.00 22-11-2014 Fantastic ruby.what a worthwhile cause 
Jennifer Jones $50.00 22-11-2014 Huge effort and a great, worthy cause. Good on you!  
Lesley Osborne $50.00 22-11-2014  
Nick Cherry $25.00 22-11-2014 Good job mate!!! 
angela BURNS $25.00 22-11-2014 good effort ruby 
Pam & Rob Crofts $25.00 22-11-2014 Go Ruby 
(Name witheld) $50.00 20-11-2014  
Ella Crofts $25.00 19-11-2014 Go Rubes 

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