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Our cause is Rodeo cruelty. Rodeos are completely banned in Britain, parts of Europe and the United States due to indisputable cruelty. Yet in Australia, it is still legal to physically provoke animals into displaying 'wild' and dangerous behaviour — all in the name of entertainment. Stressed and panicked, rodeo animals risk painful injuries and even death. Your support will help fund ongoing investigations to expose rodeo cruelty, and strengthen lobbying efforts to convince sponsors and governments to refuse to support these cruel events. Learn more. Watch a video
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A personal message from Animals Australia:
Our target: $ 1,000
So far we've raised: $ 50

We're raising money to end rodeo cruelty. Horses and cattle goaded into 'wild' behaviour in front of a cheering crowd... Terrified calves roped and dragged to the ground... It could be Ancient Rome, but sadly such spectacles are common sights at rodeo events across Australia.

Animals Australia investigators have gathered evidence from around the country of... animals suffering distress and fear during rodeo events, leading to national television exposure of these cruel practices. Injuries and even deaths of animals are not uncommon at rodeos — and all in the name of 'entertainment'.

In response to Animals Australia's campaigning and public concern about the cruelty of these events, a growing number of major Australian companies are deciding not to sponsor rodeos — often instead choosing to assist other important community and sporting events...that don't involve the abuse of animals.

By choosing to support this campaign, you will help Animals Australia continue to raise public awareness, encourage companies to make the kinder choice, pressure politicians to act — and free animals from rodeo cruelty for good.
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JUDY BELL $50.00 07-02-2018 Rodeos are just violent abuse of living animals, they exploit, stress, injure, kill, cause pain, fear, broken bones, punctured lungs. Using electric prods, spurs, flank straps on docile innocent animals is not acceptable. I find Rodeos Repulsive, Offensive, Depressing, Evil, Obnoxious and Shameful. 

Sponsor Me Now! All donations are processed on a secure server and are sent directly to Animals Australia. Your donation will be put to work to help fund investigations, expose animal cruelty, and support critical public awareness programs.