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My cause is circus animals. Behind the excitement of the big top lies a sad existence for animals forced to perform in the circus. Animals are routinely subjected to months on the road and confinement in small, barren enclosures, denying them any quality of life. Through lobbying and public awareness, Animals Australia is working to free these animals from cruelty. Your support will help fund campaigns to inspire audiences to support animal-free entertainment, and to pressure governments to strengthen laws to protect these animals from exploitation. Learn more.
A personal message from Rhianna:
My target: $ 500
So far I've raised: $ 255

I'm raising money to end the cruelty of animal circuses. Watching animals in circuses could be amazing to watch! Such big beautiful animals you never get to see do tricks is something everyone would enjoy. Unfortunately so many people do not know or understand the stress and pain these animals go through in the process. These amazing animals are breed in the circus or taken... from the wild  being forced to move on display in crowded, noisy cities. They are locked up inside bars and concrete instead of living on an open plain, forced to travel long distances on highways from town-to-town, resulting in stress and anxiety. The 'training techniques used on the animals leave the animals often broken physically and mentally. Baby bears are forced to stand up right by the 'trainers' putting chains around their necks so they are standing up, baby lions and tigers from a young age are caught to be fearful of humans, ALL animals are whipped and beaten with long metal rods and of course being kept in cages away from their mothers.  The fact is humans are paying to watch animals in the circus forced to adapt to unnatural stressful surroundings and perform unnatural behaviour for our brief amusement.
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Meg Saunders $10.00 11-02-2019  
Jaimie Forsyth $15.00 11-02-2019 love u rhi 
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