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My cause is factory farmed animals. Australians are opposed to animal cruelty. Yet hidden from public view, most animals raised into human care suffer lives of misery in factory farms. These animals have been excluded from laws that protect dogs and cats from acts of extreme cruelty such as intense confinement and painful surgical procedures without pain relief. Animals Australia's award winning Make it Possible campaign, investigations, and media exposés are leading the charge to end factory farming. Your support can help stop this cruelty forever. Learn more. Watch a video
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A personal message from Nina:
My target: $ 500
So far I've raised: $ 225

I'm raising money to help end factory farming. Going without added salt or sugar for 2 weeks to help fundraise to help stop factory farming! If you don't know me very well I am addicted to salt so this will be tough! but not as tough as these animals "live" in their short shitty lives!

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chris rutter $10.00 05-04-2013  
Camille Booth $35.00 26-03-2013 go Nina! :) xxx 
natalie graham $50.00 22-03-2013 You go Girl x 
margaret muldoon $10.00 22-03-2013  
Brett Mackereth $10.00 22-03-2013  
Leanne Murch $10.00 21-03-2013  
gpSolutions Pty Ltd $50.00 21-03-2013  
Craig Collins $50.00 05-03-2013 Yes Nina! 

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