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My cause is Pigs. Pigs are remarkable animals. They share strong social bonds and are among the most intelligent species on Earth. Yet most pigs endure routine cruelty in factory farms that would be illegal if inflicted upon a dog or cat. Your support will ensure that Animals Australia can continue its critical work to end their suffering by lobbying governments, investigating cruelty, and revealing the truth about factory farming to caring consumers through television exposés and national TV, billboard, and radio campaigns. Learn more. Watch a video
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A personal message from Nicholas:
My target: $ 1,000
So far I've raised: $ 1,610

I'm raising money to help end cruelty to pigs. Pigs are smart creatures that should be loved and valued in our society. Although people say pigs have an easy life this is not always the case. As an eater of bacon and pig products I want to use my birthday as a reminder to try and help reduce factory farm cruelty
every cent counts! So I ask my friends to donate to... my cause instead of buying me presents and my mum has agreed to match what we raise

Nico K
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From Donation Date Comments
Lori K $780.00 10-08-2021 As promised I now offically match your donations raised to date - well done Nico! 
Dzung Do $50.00 08-08-2021 Happy Birthday Nico! such a good boy. 
Elise Petalas $50.00 04-08-2021 Happy Birthday Nico!!  
Alison Sclanders $50.00 03-08-2021 Happy Birthday Nico! Great job helping the sweet pigs! You are awesome xx 🐖🥳 
Paxx Im $50.00 03-08-2021 Happy Birthday Nico!!! Such a good idea  
Karen Eley $40.00 31-07-2021  
Marie Beanland $50.00 30-07-2021 Wishing you the happiest of Birthdays. Love your generosity -awesome to think of others on your birthday! 
Belinda Mitchell $50.00 30-07-2021 Happy birthday Nic. Wishing you a fabulous day with your friends! 
Mark Rodda $50.00 30-07-2021 Great work Nico. Have a terrific birthday 
Daniel Milky $100.00 30-07-2021 Happy Birthday Nicholas!  
Kate Laver $30.00 29-07-2021 Happy birthday Nic! From Lachie 
Jodie James $25.00 29-07-2021 Happy Birthday Nico. Great cause. You have a fabulous mum! 
Frank Carbone $100.00 29-07-2021 Happy Birthday Nicholas from Frank and Teresa 
Sally Kolbig $50.00 29-07-2021 Happy Bday you kind gorgeous, thoughful and VERY TALKATIVE legend. xxxx 
Callum Djurasevich $35.00 29-07-2021 Happy Birthday Nick! From Callum 
Lori K $50.00 29-07-2021 great cause - generous goodwill - HB Nico Nuts!! (I will still get you a pressie xx 

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