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My cause is Rodeo cruelty. Rodeos are completely banned in Britain, parts of Europe and the United States due to indisputable cruelty. Yet in Australia, it is still legal to physically provoke animals into displaying 'wild' and dangerous behaviour — all in the name of entertainment. Stressed and panicked, rodeo animals risk painful injuries and even death. Your support will help fund ongoing investigations to expose rodeo cruelty, and strengthen lobbying efforts to convince sponsors and governments to refuse to support these cruel events. Learn more. Watch a video
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A personal message from Lisa:
My target: $ 1,000
So far I've raised: $ 260

I'm raising money to end rodeo cruelty. I chose this campaign to donate to because Im so sick of the blood sport coming to my town every year. I can hear the rednecks from my house and it is tormenting just thinking of how those poor animals are being abused and tortured! In my opinion not nearly enough is being done to ban rodeos in Australia so I am going... to stay awake for 2 days and 2 nights to raise $1,000 towards AA's campaign to stop this barbaric blood sport! Please donate and when they reach the target, I will start my challenge. All proceeds go directly to Animals Australia's campaign to end rodeos! Thank you. See More »

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Maria V Om Shanti $50.00 17-03-2013 I'm proud of you Lisa ! :) xx 
(Name witheld) $50.00 08-03-2013  
Alana Roy $20.00 07-03-2013 well done Lisa and thank you! 
Denise Watts $25.00 06-03-2013 Maybe the rednecks should be put in the ring and tormented and have their limbs broken. This treatment of animals should be stopped. 
Alison Henderson $5.00 05-03-2013 Great cause, good luck 
Pam Fioretti $5.00 04-03-2013 Rodeos are disgustingly cruel to animals, and have no place in any PROGRESSIVE community. 
paula bradley $5.00 04-03-2013 i hope this gets banned soon 
Karyn Mallinson $25.00 04-03-2013 Cannot agree with this cause anymore. It's a disgrace thatMUST BE PUT TO AN END!! 
Lyndel Animal Liberty Now $25.00 04-03-2013  
Lisa Roulston $50.00 27-02-2013  

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