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Our cause is Animals Australia. Animals Australia is internationally respected for its commitment to investigating and exposing animal abuse. As Australia's foremost animal protection organisation, Animals Australia works to protect the most vulnerable and abused animals in our society, focusing on the areas of greatest need such as factory farming and live animal export. Your support will underpin critical public awareness initiatives and help to send experienced investigators to where animals need them most. Learn more. Watch a video
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A personal message from Barty:
Our target: $ 500
So far we've raised: $ 3,375

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Loved like no other

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From Donation Date Comments
Alison and andy Mcloughlin $50.00 05-08-2018 There’s only one Lisa... one in a million... 💕 miss you x  
(Name witheld) $100.00 18-07-2018  
Jimmy Schnall $25.00 03-07-2018 Would have loved to get to know you better, you will be missed. 
Holly Eggleston $100.00 03-07-2018 Forever in our hearts xo 
Ari French $50.00 02-07-2018 I'm going to miss you Barty x 
Banana Frenchies $50.00 02-07-2018 Nothing can fill this hole left in the world, but we are so glad we got to have you xxx 
karen young $150.00 01-07-2018 Love Barty xx 
Kellie Wilson $100.00 01-07-2018 Rest In Peace Beautiful Lisa 
Nicola Harrop $50.00 29-06-2018 With love to Lisa and her family xx 
Mark Jolly $100.00 29-06-2018 With love from Mark & Leanne 
Romi Miskin $100.00 29-06-2018 One of a kind. Love! 
Justine Cole-Sinclair $50.00 29-06-2018 Sweet dreams Barty. You will be dearly missed. xx 
Suzzanne Neil $50.00 29-06-2018 Such a great girl xxx 
Sandi Austin $50.00 28-06-2018 You raised the bar for beauty inside and out...world just lost a good one😪  
Jo Blair $100.00 28-06-2018 So long Barty you beautiful soul. Feeling blessed that our paths crossed. Jo & Bec x 
Julian Dimsey $100.00 28-06-2018 Loved forever Barty. Dimmo Pip and Oscar xxxxx 
Libby Cooper $50.00 28-06-2018 With much love from Lisa Cooper 
Libby Cooper $50.00 28-06-2018 With much love from Bob and Joy Cooper 
Kate Vandestadt $50.00 28-06-2018 Dearest Barty, it was a privilege to have known you. xxx 
Roman Duras $100.00 27-06-2018 Thinking of you 
Micky Marafioti $50.00 27-06-2018 Such a beautiful soul 
Carl Crotty $50.00 27-06-2018 Go well Barty 
Cameron Jones $100.00 27-06-2018 Love you always and forever in our hearts. Manda Cam Gems and Abby xxxxx  
Jonathan Wilcox $100.00 27-06-2018 Love you Lisa - Jox, Ping, Li-Shan, Kaemon & Kalia 
jon webb $100.00 27-06-2018 So Loved So Much Jonny Clare Chester & Gracie 
Warren Bulman $100.00 27-06-2018 Always in our thoughts 
(Name witheld) $50.00 27-06-2018  
Jess Bettiol $100.00 27-06-2018 Forever loved, forever remembered x  
Kate Patena $50.00 27-06-2018 What a woman. Gorgeous, gracious and then some. Memories of Lis' will be forever cherished. 
Chris Gauci $100.00 27-06-2018 Love always.  
Paul Metcalfe $100.00 27-06-2018  
Scott Semmler $100.00 27-06-2018  
(Name witheld) $100.00 27-06-2018  
AJ Kelly $100.00 27-06-2018  
Amanda Bongiovanni $50.00 27-06-2018  
Grace Zhan $100.00 27-06-2018  
Rick Anderson $100.00 27-06-2018  
Jeff Garcia $50.00 27-06-2018  
Libby Cooper $100.00 27-06-2018 A beautiful soul continuing to help a noble cause. Love and miss you forever gorgeous Lisa xxx 
boyd hicklin $50.00 27-06-2018 Love to all you beautiful bartys from the hicklins 
Mary Huon De Navrancourt $100.00 27-06-2018 Cheers to Barty xx lov mumsy and mary 
Elizabeth Patena $100.00 27-06-2018  
Bianca Huon de navrancourt $50.00 27-06-2018 And she continues to help others even now. what a gorgeous gal xx 

Sponsor Me Now! All donations are processed on a secure server and are sent directly to Animals Australia. Your donation will be put to work to help fund investigations, expose animal cruelty, and support critical public awareness programs.