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My cause is lab animals. Though it is illegal to test consumer products on animals in Australia, many household brands are developed using tests which poison, burn, and kill animals in laboratories overseas before being imported and sold to Australian consumers. Rabbits, mice, cats, and dogs make up some of the millions of animals affected every year. Your support will help increase lobbying pressure on companies to adopt alternatives to animal tests, and strengthen public outreach to enable shoppers to make informed and cruelty-free choices. Learn more.
A personal message from Layla:
My target: $ 500
So far I've raised: $ 330

I'm raising money to help end animal testing. As a makeup artist, I am often asked about cruelty free cosmetics. And naturally, I'm also often asked for make-up advice!
I've decided to combine my two passions, makeup artistry and animals, to help the women of Australia find compassionate brands (and look fab at the same time!)
For a small donation of $15 I will... provide the donor with a personalised 3-page makeup chart. Tips and tricks personally tailored for your face.
Not just for ladies, this is a great tool for actors creating a character, dress up parties, drag performers and a wide range of people! After all, everyone wants to help animals :-)

Simply email me three photos (one photo taken in natural light; and photos both with and without makeup preferred) OR you can temporarily friend me on FB for photo access...

Look forward to hearing from you,
Layla Stanton

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(Name witheld) $15.00 16-05-2013  
Tannaz Malayek $25.00 15-05-2013 Great cause! 
(Name witheld) $15.00 30-04-2013  
Elvira Ralston $50.00 30-04-2013  
Layla Stanton $60.00 20-04-2013 Simone (20) & Cassie (40) 
(Name witheld) $15.00 08-04-2013  
Jenna Corcoran $15.00 08-04-2013 You remind me of what true beauty is. Love you!! 
Vivienne Murrray $20.00 06-04-2013 Very worthwhile cause! 
Karen Oliver $25.00 06-04-2013  
Lucinda Murray $20.00 05-04-2013 Stop Animal Testing great cause to support Layla 
Priscilla Dennis $25.00 05-04-2013 Darling, I'm so proud of what you are doing to end animal suffering! xx 
Simone Lukic $15.00 05-04-2013 Good luck in raising your target! 
Melanie Menz $15.00 05-04-2013  
(Name witheld) $15.00 03-04-2013  

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