“So far we've raised $4,642 to help end animal abuse. Please help us reach our goal of $10,000!
— Jane's Twitter Friends

Recent Donations
  • Sabine Vorlender gave $10.00.
  • De Cunningham gave $25.00. “with love ”
  • Elizabeth Rockley gave $25.00. “You will never be forgotten my friends xxx”
  • Thomas Archer gave $100.00. “In celebration of Chloe's 9th birthday. We miss and love you Jane and Jessie”
  • Lorraine Meehan gave $100.00. “In memory of @LilyLuWhoT who was a dear friend to Jane and Jesse from the Archer-Puds family”
  • Lorraine Meehan gave $50.00. “Belated birthday wishes dear Jane, until we meet again”
  • Lorraine Meehan gave $50.00. “dear Jane, has its really been 7 years. I miss you every day xx”
  • Lorraine Meehan gave $50.00. “In memory of Jane and Jessie with belated birthday love”
  • Thomas Archer gave $25.00. “For Jane. Belated birthday love. We miss you”
  • Carolyn Cullen gave $100.00. “For Jane & Jessie greeting far too many animals OTRB due to the bushfires. Love you always xoxoxo”
  • Bonnie Twining gave $25.00. “In Memory of Jane & in honor of Jessie who would be devastated by the suffering of animals due to the bush fires. ”
  • Lorraine Meehan gave $100.00. “In memory of Jane who would be heartbroken to see the suffering of her country and its animals”
  • Jodie Rosenthal gave $25.00. “In Honor of Janey & Jessie & all the animals she cared so much about”
  • Sheila Rockley gave $20.00.
  • Elizabeth Rockley gave $20.00. “For you Janie and Jesse and all the poor suffering animals. Xx”
  • Ruth Turner gave $25.00. “In memory of Jessie and Jane”
  • Ruth Turner gave $25.00. “In memory of Jessie and Jane”
  • Elizabeth Halpern gave $25.00. “In memory of Jane”
  • Thomas Archer gave $25.00. “For Jane”
  • Midnight FormerFeral gave $10.00. “In memory of @JessieJaney.”
  • Lorraine Meehan gave $25.00. “Remembering Jane on her angel anniversary”
  • Lorraine Meehan gave $25.00. “Remembering dear Jane on her birthday. You would love wee JaniePup who has joined our family xxx”
  • Thomas Archer gave $25.00. “For Jane”
  • Lorraine Meehan gave $50.00. “In memory of Janis, Now in heaven with dear Jane xx”
  • Lorraine Meehan gave $25.00. “Happy Birthday Jane xxx”
  • Lorraine Meehan gave $25.00. “For Jane, miss you so xxx”
  • Janis Felidae gave $15.00. “Meowing Chrispmouse xxx`s”
  • Carolyn Cullen gave $50.00. “Dearest Jessie, Every mouse makes your mum's star twinkle brighter. Xoxoxo”
  • Lorraine Meehan gave $25.00. “Chase those country mousies Jessie!”
  • Janis Felidae gave $15.00. “Happy 14th birthday Jessie xxx´s”
  • Lorraine Meeehan gave $25.00. “Remembering our beloved friend on her birthday xxx”
  • Janis Felidae gave $25.00. “Happy Birthday, Jane xxx´s”
  • Liz Halpern gave $25.00. “Much missed by @alfnme”
  • Brigitte Dix gave $50.00.
  • Teresita Pino gave $50.00. “You are missed ”
  • Lorraine Meehan gave $25.00. “Miss you still my dear friend”
  • Janis Felidae gave $25.00. “Merry Christmas Jane. I miss you badly. xxx´s ”
  • Penne & Warden Beebe gave $15.00. “Merry Christmas Jane. You are greatly missed”
  • Janis Felidae gave $25.00. “Happy birthday, Jessie xxx´s”
  • Lorraine Meehan gave $25.00. “Happy birthday Jessie, keep hunting the mousies”
  • Lorraine Meehan gave $50.00. “We will always remember you Jane xxx”
  • Janis Felidae gave $50.00. “Happy Day Beautiful Friend Sabine. Watching over you always. Love Jane xo”
  • Lorraine Meehan gave $50.00. “Soar high with your dragonfly wings my beautiful friend xxx”
  • Denise Towie gave $50.00. “Dear Jane, you love lives on. Dear Jessie, Merry Christmas.”
  • Janis Felidae gave $25.00. “Merry Christmas ”
  • Thomas Archer gave $10.00. “For Jane ... on the occasion of Chloe's second birthday”
  • Genevieve Hodson gave $50.00. “Jane shines her love on you BEAUTIFUL Gen!!! Xoxoxo”
  • Morag Stalker gave $50.00. “for Jane, Milady”
  • Thomas Archer gave $25.00. “For Jane”
  • Janis Felidae gave $25.00. “Happy birthday, darling Jessie ... 12 years now & still giving the rats a hard time *proud ears* xxx”
  • Clingy cat gave $100.00. “Happy Birthday Jessie from your twitter pals all over the world. We live in a better place having shared our love with you & your mum. Xoxoxo”
  • Ruger Goodall gave $50.00. “happy birthday Ruger for 18 Aug!!! Late but not forgotten & always loved. Xoxoxo Aunty Janey”
  • Ollie Hodson gave $50.00. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY Master Ollie!!! Love & kisses cheeky one Jane. Xoxoxo”
  • Gemma Hodson gave $50.00. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY most beAutiful & sweet Gemma. Love & star shine Jane xoxoxo”
  • Leanne Goodall gave $20.00. “In memory of Jane for LilyLuWhoT”
  • Candace Hall gave $25.00. “With help like Jane's we can fight animal cruelty. I am an Animal Cruelty Investigator for the Humane Society of West Texas...Everyone needs to help each other out~”
  • Janis Felidae gave $15.00. “On behalf of Chazz, winner of a donation at the pawsome #JJpawty. Concats & thank you very much! xxx”
  • Alice Klavun gave $50.00. “Happy Birthday Warden!!! Jane is sending healing energy to end your pain, so Penne can inflict more. MOL xoxoxo”
  • Andy Maffin gave $50.00. “In memory of Jane, from Annette and Andy”
  • J Westmoreland gave $50.00. “Miss you so much JJ”
  • Archer Archer gave $10.00. “For Jane”
  • Carolyn Cullen gave $50.00. “Jane, can only imagine a huge PAWTY OTRB for your birthday. Love & miss you. Xoxo”
  • Thomas Archer gave $25.00. “For Jane”
  • Denise Towie gave $50.00. “Happy birthday Jane. Miss you dearly xxxx”
  • Janis & Sabine Felidae gave $50.00. “Happy birthday Jane, we love you”
  • Tardis Toms gave $50.00. “For Jane, always in our hearts”
  • Ryker MCDONALD gave $25.00. “For Jane, who knew how to love.”
  • Rocky and Sebastian gave $50.00. “With lots of love! The world needs more people like Jane. ”
  • Billy The Pig gave $10.00. “Love you Jane.”
  • Deborah Courville gave $100.00.
  • Thomas Archer gave $25.00. “For Jane”
  • Lorraine Meehan gave $50.00. “With love from @ourChloePup & @ourWinniePup #missNanny”
  • Peter Emery gave $50.00. “Jane's physical emissary on earth is not as organised as our favourite angel. Happy very belated birthdays to Billy & Peter! Xoxo”
  • Penne Bebee gave $15.00. “Jane would never want you to think she forgot your birthday Penne. Xoxoxo”
  • Janis Felidae gave $10.00. “Happy Easter”
  • Twitter Pals gave $65.00. “Happy Birthday Freya! Love from Billy, Lily, Dugal, Thomas, Janis, Lorraine, Jazz & Gemma xxx”
  • Penne Beebe gave $25.00. “We will never forget you, Jane. Love from Penne and Warden”
  • Lorraine Meehan gave $25.00. “Happy Birthday Freya, with love xxx”
  • Janis Felidae gave $25.00. “From Catonauts to Jane, you´ll be always in our hearts”
  • Magda & MizzBassie Plewinska gave $50.00. “In memory of our dear friend Jane Forster. We miss her.”
  • Thomas Archer gave $50.00. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY Thomas, Elisabeth & Raja. Aunty Jane is always smiling at your antics!!! Xoxo”
  • Thomas Archer gave $10.00. “For Jane”
  • Margaret Berkes gave $50.00. “Jane and her cat Jessie were Schwartz and my first friends on Twitter. She was a generous and loving soul. ”
  • Mary & Mariodacat Roever gave $50.00. “In memory of our dear friend, Jane You will live in our hearts forever dear friend,. We are so blessed to have known you. From Mariodacat and M”
  • De Cunningham gave $25.00. “For Jane and Jessie. Thank you for your friendship ”
  • clingy cat gave $50.00. “Happy Birthday Sabine! Much love Jane xoxoxox With you always.”
  • Bonnie Twining gave $25.00. “We'll always love you Jane & Jessie - your kindness, compassion & wit made twitter a better place. Miss you so very much! ((HUGS)) <3 <3<3 LilyLuWhoT & Mom”
  • Michelle Stringer gave $25.00. “Jane, your selflessness really touched my heart.”
  • Elaine Taylor gave $30.00. “For dear Jane and Jessie xx”
  • Thomas Archer gave $10.00. “For Jane”
  • Patricia Maclay gave $25.00. “For dearest Jane. Love from Fresh Otis and Patti”
  • Thomas Archer gave $2.00. “For Jane”
  • maime cat gave $25.00. “For Jane”
  • Mince Pie gave $25.00. “Jane was such a caring person. My heart is broken but will fill with fond memories. #RIPJane”
  • Thomas Archer gave $10.00. “For Jane”
  • Karen Dixon gave $50.00. “For dear Jane and Jessie, with so much love X x x”
  • Kellie Hajek gave $50.00.
  • Thomas Archer gave $5.00. “For Jane”
  • Sabine Vorlender gave $100.00. “For Jane, a wonderful friend, always in my heart”
  • Christina Newman gave $25.00.
  • Suzie Emery gave $50.00. “Jane would have had the most amazing welcome when she arrived safe and sound on Rainbow Island. Our thoughts and prayers and with her family and friends.”
  • Natalie McIntosh gave $50.00. “Bless you for your dedication to helping our animal family Jane. RIP dear soul.”
  • Barbara Sharp gave $50.00. “Jane sounds like a lovely person. ”
  • Pam Wells gave $25.00. “There's a hugr hole in Twitter where Jane used to be - run free dear friend”
  • Kim Norris gave $25.00. “For Jane, who was always so generous with her friendship and kindness”
  • Pilchard @Mr_Pilchard #WLF gave $50.00. “For Jane, who helped so many and was so kind to anipals and their humans. You will be greatly missed.”
  • Denise Towie gave $50.00. “For the love of Jane xxx”
  • Kathryn Starr gave $25.00.
  • Gemma Hodson gave $25.00. “Jane, always in our hearts.. xxx”
  • Jax Westmoreland gave $25.00. “A beautiful light gone out in the world. We will miss you xxx”
  • Peter Emery gave $25.00.
  • clingy cat gave $50.00. “Jane if we give only a percentage of the heart & soul you did, the world be a better place. Love you Jane ❤️”
  • Siobhan McClelland gave $50.00. “God bless Jane love Meg and Ori”
  • Annie&Marble Hanson gave $100.00. “For Jane & Jessie who touched all around the world with love & fun. Healing purrs to all, we are honored to be your friends...”
  • Kathryn Faulkner gave $50.00. “Thank you for the laughs Jane, It was a pleasure to have known you. xx”
  • Brigitte Dix gave $25.00.
  • Susan Rahman gave $25.00. “To honour Jane, a much loved friend xx”
  • Elizabeth Rockley gave $10.00. “We are left heartbroken by this loss, a hole in our hearts that cannot be filled. Xxx”
  • Alfie & Liz Halpern gave $25.00. “Knowing Jane even for a short time enriched our lives”
  • mariodacat Roever gave $25.00. “To honor our dear friend Jane, who was a very special person. We love you Janey and we loved everything you stood for. ”
  • Rana Williamson gave $25.00. “Rest in peace, gentle lady. -- Rana and Mickey”
  • Thomas Archer gave $20.00. “For Jane”
  • KATHLEEN STALKER gave $25.00. “A beautiful soul lives forever”
  • Lorraine Meehan gave $100.00. “In honour of my dear friend Jane who loved life and loved animals. I hope this helps to make the world a better place”

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