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Our cause is Horses. Horses, known for their grace and beauty, are loved by many. Yet few people are aware that thousands of healthy horses are killed annually simply because they aren't fast enough to race — or that the brutality of jumps racing results in an alarming rate of horse injuries and on-track fatalities. Your support will strengthen Animals Australia's public awareness initiatives to expose cruelty in the horse racing industry, and ramp up pressure on governments to immediately ban jumps racing and increase protection for all racehorses. Learn more.
Our target: $ 4,500
So far we've raised: $ 4,501

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This secure online donation page has been kindly created by Lily Colin (on behalf of Golden Goose Tattoo Studio) using Animals Australia's online fundraising platform to raise funds to protect horses. If you would like to make a donation to support this cause, please click here.

This website is operated by Animals Australia (registered charity No. A0020071Z). Unlike many fundraising websites, this is not a third-party fundraising platform, and there is no middleman to undercut your donation. All funds raised through this page go directly to Animals Australia to support critical campaigns, investigations and public awareness initiatives to protect animals from cruelty.

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About Animals Australia

Animals Australia is Australia's foremost animal protection organisation. Internationally respected for its commitment to investigating and exposing animal abuse, Animals Australia works to protect the most vulnerable and abused animals in our society, focusing on the areas of greatest need such as factory farming and live animal export. To learn more about Animals Australia's work, visit: www.AnimalsAustralia.org

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