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My cause is Animals Australia. Animals Australia is internationally respected for its commitment to investigating and exposing animal abuse. As Australia's foremost animal protection organisation, Animals Australia works to protect the most vulnerable and abused animals in our society, focusing on the areas of greatest need such as factory farming and live animal export. Your support will underpin critical public awareness initiatives and help to send experienced investigators to where animals need them most. Learn more. Watch a video
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A personal message from Gary:
My target: $ 4,500
So far I've raised: $ 3,911

I'm raising money to help end live sheep exports "Walk the talk"

I was absolutely horrified as I was made aware of the latest images of the sheep caught up in the live export trade. These poor sheep have no say in being a part of these death voyages and the suffering they endure is just unbearable to witness.

By walking the talk I am going to try to raise... awareness of the plight of these sheep and help open other people's eyes to the horrors they are experiencing.  Animals Australia are working to end this awful trade for good so please lend your support.

Together we can make this barbaric trade a thing of the past!
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Leslie Leo $50.00 09-10-2019  
Leslie Leo $50.00 09-10-2019  
ROHAN PRATT $25.00 08-10-2019 Pound out the laps down at Redleaf Gary! 
Sheila Jamieson $50.00 11-09-2018 Breaks my heart seeing these animals - what an amazing thing to do Gary.  
Sonya Skok $25.00 29-07-2018 Go Gary! 
Ellen Silver $15.00 26-07-2018 Yes! Go vegetarian or vegan! 
Linda Thomson $50.00 19-07-2018 how heartwarming to see such a personal response to this terrible behaviour 
Julie Potts $25.00 15-07-2018 Great effort Gary Meyers 
Taube Krost $50.00 13-07-2018  
Lynn Holden $25.00 13-07-2018 The more we buy the more they die. Go Vegan 
Meghan Freeman $50.00 12-07-2018 Great effort! 
Amy Nilsson $50.00 07-07-2018 These animals need a voice  
Douk Konstantaras $50.00 07-07-2018 My hero 
Maree McEwan $5.00 06-07-2018 Thank you Gary. You are an amazing man.  
tony tibbs $5.00 06-07-2018 keep up the good work! 
Carolyn Antoniou $25.00 06-07-2018 Good on you Gary. We need you! 
Judith Green $10.00 06-07-2018  
Dayna Donsky $15.00 06-07-2018 You are amazing!  
Chelsea Noyes $15.00 06-07-2018 You have my total respect ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ 
Bridget LEE $50.00 06-07-2018 Go Gary you legend!!!!! 
Ida Halliday $25.00 05-07-2018 Thank you! ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŒน 
Emily Hamilton $50.00 05-07-2018 Thank-you so much Gary and may God Bless youโค  
Kim Hawkins $25.00 05-07-2018 Thanks Gary. 
Veronica Vidgen $50.00 05-07-2018 I am passionately for animals - goidon yoh Gary! Fabulous 
Jo Thomas $25.00 05-07-2018 Thank you for helping to be their voice. 
Carolyn Sweet $25.00 05-07-2018  
Trish Boyce $25.00 05-07-2018 Great job Gary to help end the torture of these beautiful animals  
Helen Pedersen $50.00 04-07-2018  
(Name witheld) $25.00 04-07-2018  
Sue Johnson $50.00 04-07-2018 Bless you for helping animals ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’™ 
Rhonda Keogh $25.00 04-07-2018 Well done Gary. You're an amazing human. 
Kim Ross $100.00 04-07-2018  
Susan Deluca $50.00 04-07-2018 Thank you Gary for doing this for the poor sheep. 
Mari Eldridge $25.00 04-07-2018 Can any of us join you for any part of the walk? As support and solidarity? For the animals.  
Bernadette Stephenson $50.00 04-07-2018 Thankyou 
anthony ellis $25.00 04-07-2018 Gary thanks for caring so much! 
Lisette Potter $20.00 04-07-2018 Thanks for caring Gary. 
Rebecca Birch $10.00 04-07-2018 Your action is inspiring  
(Name witheld) $100.00 04-07-2018  
Elisabeth Angwin $25.00 04-07-2018 Itโ€™s great to see someone with a big heart like yours standing up for the animals. 
Hannah Burfitt $20.00 04-07-2018 Good on you Gary, thank you! 
Sophia Kevans $50.00 04-07-2018 Fantastic work!!! Good on you Gary!!! Keep going!!! 
Alice Chesterson $25.00 04-07-2018 Your a champion! lets put an end to this disgraceful trade.  
Jasmine Connelley $25.00 04-07-2018 Thankyou ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿฎ๐Ÿท 
Cheryl Forrest-Smith $50.00 04-07-2018 More Gary's in the world please! Heartfelt thanks, xxx 
(Name witheld) $15.00 04-07-2018  
Diana Heeris $25.00 04-07-2018 wish there was more of you in the world 
Diana Santos Lenie $15.00 04-07-2018 Thank you for speaking for the voiceless!  
Michelle Jones $25.00 04-07-2018 Thank you for all that you do. Absolutely amazing work for those without a voice. Well done. Keep it up 
Dee Taugofie $20.00 04-07-2018 You're awesome!! Thank you Gary!! 
(Name witheld) $10.00 04-07-2018  
Daniel Barber $50.00 01-07-2018  
Ronnie Shulkin $50.00 01-07-2018 You are a legend !  
Paul Johnson $50.00 30-06-2018  
Whu Zhu $50.00 27-06-2018 A good cause , come for Acupuncture again gary xx 
Bryan Urquhart $50.00 25-06-2018  
Jason Stitt $50.00 22-06-2018 Good on ya Gaz 
Avril Rom $50.00 20-06-2018 Well done Gary  
Wendy and Darrron Lonstein $50.00 20-06-2018 Go Gary!!! 
Yvonne Coburn $50.00 18-06-2018 Well done Gary ...great cause 
Ramon Chait $50.00 18-06-2018 Great cause Gary. Keep on walking  
Jane Macarthur $50.00 18-06-2018 What a star to sctually 
(Name witheld) $50.00 18-06-2018  
Geraldine Thornely $50.00 17-06-2018 Thank you Gary Your an amazing human being!!! 
Ruth Tofler-Riesel $25.00 17-06-2018 Good on you for walking the talk Gary, important work to be done now  
Gabrielle Gardner $50.00 17-06-2018 NZ did it in 2003. Why can't we? No forward planning!.  
Maria Bradley $25.00 16-06-2018 There is no reason for this industry to continue 
Ginger Morgan $25.00 16-06-2018  
Laurie Hallam $25.00 16-06-2018 Everyone should vote only for those who support the banning of this evil cruel trade 
jan rozanski $50.00 16-06-2018 this hideous cruelty must end now. thank you Gary Meyers 
Arnold Fiergang $25.00 16-06-2018 God bless you forwhat you are doing 
Caroline Braden $25.00 15-06-2018 Helluva a guy gary 
kate bastians $25.00 15-06-2018  
Lisa Shabtay $50.00 13-06-2018 Love your work Gary......letโ€™s put an end to this disgraceful treatment NOW 
(Name witheld) $50.00 12-06-2018  
Rama Klevansky $15.00 12-06-2018  
Mark Fleminger $100.00 11-06-2018 Please stop this cruel and immoral practice. Animals have feelings and consciousness - let's be human ans humane  
David Hollanders $50.00 10-06-2018  
Nick Livis $26.00 09-06-2018 Great cause mate 
Guy Miller $100.00 09-06-2018  
david phillips $10.00 07-06-2018 Keep up the good work gary , no to cruelty . 
David Germane $20.00 07-06-2018 Good Luck 
pamela ziman $50.00 07-06-2018  
Tracy Tredoux $100.00 02-06-2018 Well done Gary. Itโ€™s easy to talk the talk. Itโ€™s another thing to walk the talk. Itโ€™s a great cause. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ช 
geoffrey meyers $25.00 01-06-2018 A great cause Gary , Dad . 
Jeffrey Rubenstein $200.00 01-06-2018  
jeffrey rubenstein $50.00 01-06-2018  
Kim Novick $100.00 01-06-2018 I'd like to walk with you Ga. Let's chat.  
Charles Abdullah $50.00 31-05-2018  
Brett Matus $100.00 31-05-2018 Great cause Gary and thank you 
Libby Livolsi $20.00 30-05-2018  
martin airth $50.00 30-05-2018 Keep on it Gary! 
Dan Novick $50.00 30-05-2018 Go GARY  
Gary Meyers $50.00 29-05-2018 ' WALK THE TALK ' - No more live exports  

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