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Our cause is fur animals. The global fur trade is one of the cruellest industries in the world. Most fur imported to Australia comes from China, where there are no animal welfare laws, and animals are often beaten, electrocuted, or even skinned alive for their pelts. Your support will strengthen Animals Australia's retailer outreach program to get fur out of shops, inform and inspire consumers to choose fur-free alternatives, and increase pressure on our government to enact a complete ban on fur imports to Australia. Learn more.
A personal message from Animals Australia:
Our target: $ 1,000
So far we've raised: $ 125

We're raising money to stop the cruel and unnecessary trade in fur. Each year around the world, more than 50 million animals are killed for their fur — enduring horrific cruelty in the process. Most are raised in cramped cages on farms, and die painful and distressing deaths. Some are even skinned alive.

Animals Australia is working to inform consumers about the shocking... cruelty of the fur trade, and to empower people not to buy fur products. We engage directly with retailers to highlight the true cost of fur and to encourage them to go fur-free. And we lobby government, calling for a ban on the fur trade.

Through this work, a growing number of fashion designers and retailers are adopting fur-free policies. By securing nation-wide television coverage, even more people have been encouraged to go fur-free and to speak out against fur.

Your support will enable Animals Australia to continue this vital work to protect animals from the cruelty of the fur industry.
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Sonia Bettles $25.00 24-09-2013  
Christine Witcher $25.00 30-06-2013 This cruel, disgusting act on animals needs to be stopped. 
Clint Steele $50.00 15-03-2013  
Leif Rosenblad $25.00 06-03-2013  

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