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Our cause is factory farmed animals. Australians are opposed to animal cruelty. Yet hidden from public view, most animals raised into human care suffer lives of misery in factory farms. These animals have been excluded from laws that protect dogs and cats from acts of extreme cruelty such as intense confinement and painful surgical procedures without pain relief. Animals Australia's award winning Make it Possible campaign, investigations, and media exposés are leading the charge to end factory farming. Your support can help stop this cruelty forever. Learn more. Watch a video
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A personal message from Animals Australia:
Our target: $ 1,000
So far we've raised: $ 185

We're raising money to end factory farming. Pigs and chickens are intelligent, social animals. Just like dogs and cats, they treasure comfort, fear pain, and bond with their babies. Yet sadly, they have become the most abused animals in our society. The vast majority of pigs and chickens lead lives of misery in factory farms.

Denied the same legal protection... as dogs and cats, mother pigs can spend months on end confined to solitary crates (sow crates), where they can't turn around. Egg laying hens are forced to live their entire lives in cages so small they cannot even stretch their wings. While chickens raised for meat are crammed into overcrowded sheds with tens of thousands of other birds. For most of these unfortunate animals, the first day they will see sunlight or breath fresh air, will be the last day of their lives.

Animals Australia is at the forefront of efforts to end factory farming. Our nationwide radio and television campaigns have awakened many to the cruelties of factory farming, and empowered them make informed choices at the checkout. These campaigns have also been a catalyst for some of the most significant progress for pigs and chickens. In 2010, following public campaigning by Animals Australia, the pork industry committed to a voluntarily phase out of sow crates. Coles too has committed to phase out purchases from farms using sow crates and to phase out their own brand of cage eggs. In another landmark victory, the Tasmanian government became the first state in Australia to commit to phasing out battery cages for hens, and sow crates for mother pigs.

Every dollar donated, extends our capacity to inform more people about how they can help end factory farming, and to increase pressure on decision makers to improve standards.

Australia is at a critical moment to create change for farm animals. With community and political momentum building, we need your support to continue our campaigns, so that we can give animals the greatest hope of a kinder future.
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