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My cause is Pigs. Pigs are remarkable animals. They share strong social bonds and are among the most intelligent species on Earth. Yet most pigs endure routine cruelty in factory farms that would be illegal if inflicted upon a dog or cat. Your support will ensure that Animals Australia can continue its critical work to end their suffering by lobbying governments, investigating cruelty, and revealing the truth about factory farming to caring consumers through television exposés and national TV, billboard, and radio campaigns. Learn more. Watch a video
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A personal message from Emma:
My target: $ 500
So far I've raised: $ 280

I'm taking the challenge of no food for 48 hours to help raise money and end cruelty to pigs I've always had a huge space in my heart for all animals. It wasn't until I became older that I began to understand the cruelty that some of our beautiful animals endure.

I can admit, I've been one of those that are blissfully unaware of the gruesome conditions that these beautiful pigs are facing every day, up... until the day they die. It was the people like these at Animals Australia that opened my eyes to this cruelty.

Pigs produced for meat on a factory farm generally spend their whole lives indoors, they never feel the sun on their face or the grass on their feet. They are housed in crowded, concrete-floored pens with no natural materials. Scientific research proves that some factory-farmed pigs suffer prolonged depression because they are denied natural light, space and the opportunity to forage for food in natural surroundings.

For many of these pigs, the trip to the slaughterhouse is their only chance to experience life outdoors and to feel the wind and the sun.

My mission is to make others, like me, aware of these conditions and help free pigs from factory farms.

I've challenged myself to go without food  for 48 hours, and hope others will join me by making as big or small a donation to help bring factory farm cruelty to light and free these beautiful intelligent animals.
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Sarah Harwood $25.00 24-11-2013 Well done Ems! 
Brad Devine $10.00 19-11-2013 Go Clarkey! 
Gary Kellett $25.00 17-11-2013 Fantastic Emmiez 
Donna Kellett $25.00 17-11-2013 I think I can live without eating pork again! 
Amanda Ismail $25.00 13-11-2013 Nice one, Ems. Proud of you! 
Bernie Downey $50.00 07-11-2013  
Susan Dodds $30.00 31-10-2013 Fantastic. So great! 
Emma Gierke $20.00 29-10-2013  
Paul Dawson $20.00 29-10-2013  
Bec Hornsby $25.00 28-10-2013 Good onya, Jessie! xx 
Belinda Finch $25.00 28-10-2013  

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