“So far I've raised $270 to help ban the battery cage. Please help me reach my goal of $1,000!
— Emma

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  • Judy Owen gave $20.00. “Dont stop yet.... this is a great cause - you can do it.”
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  • Kent Louey gave $25.00. “Eggcellent work Emma!”
  • Hayley Slater gave $25.00. “You're a good egg Emma ;)”
  • chris maver gave $50.00. “I like free range eggs”
  • Emma Kaine gave $25.00. “I would like to see an end to Factory Factory”
  • Melissa Laing gave $25.00.
  • Cameron Fernandes gave $25.00. “i like my eggs free range”

About my cause

My cause is Chickens. Chickens are not only highly sensitive animals, but are remarkably intelligent as well. Despite advances overseas, Australian laws still permit some 12 million hens to be confined in battery cages where their 'living' space is less than an A4 piece of paper — not even enough room to stretch their wings. Animals Australia needs your support to increase pressure on governments and retailers, and to continue national consumer awareness campaigns that are alerting millions to the hidden suffering of hens in battery cages. Learn more.
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