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My cause is circus animals. Behind the excitement of the big top lies a sad existence for animals forced to perform in the circus. Animals are routinely subjected to months on the road and confinement in small, barren enclosures, denying them any quality of life. Through lobbying and public awareness, Animals Australia is working to free these animals from cruelty. Your support will help fund campaigns to inspire audiences to support animal-free entertainment, and to pressure governments to strengthen laws to protect these animals from exploitation. Learn more.
A personal message from Ebony:
My target: $ 500
So far I've raised: $ 115

I'm raising money to end the cruelty of circus animals. Hi! my name is Ebony Cameron, I'm a 19 year old girl who lives in Western Sydney. Ever since I was a very young child, circuses have been visiting my area. I never wanted to go as a child because deep down I just felt sadness looking at the animals, knowing this wasn't where they belong.

I am very very passionate... about freeing circus animals. Every time a new circus comes to town, I do a lot of research and emailing to find out what animals are kept and their quality of life. But no matter what, the animals are never living a life they deserve.

There is always a new circus coming to town promoting their "exotic" animals on show and it needs to stop. Animals deserve to live in their natural habitat. Please help me give back to this cause. It would mean everything to me, and every single animal saved from a life of constant confined space and travel.

One dollar would make my day! Thank you for visiting my page regardless.

I would love to become more deeply involved in animal charities, if there is any other way I can get more deeply involved, please let me know.
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Julie Hawkins $10.00 20-06-2018 Well said Ebony! Encourage your local council to ban circuses, speak politely to businesses and houses who have circus posters up about taking them down, and keep protesting! 
Sarah-Jane Eynon $5.00 06-05-2014 Sorry I couldn't give more Eb, hopefully when I get paid next ;). You're awesome such a great cause!  
Stephanie Trainor $25.00 05-05-2014 Well done Ebony! I think this is a great cause.  
Jo Cameron $50.00 05-05-2014 Proud of you - sorry I made you be sad at circuses, great idea though to try to do something about it! 
Jessica Cameron $25.00 05-05-2014 Proud of you for taking a stand! 

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