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My cause is Pigs. Pigs are remarkable animals. They share strong social bonds and are among the most intelligent species on Earth. Yet most pigs endure routine cruelty in factory farms that would be illegal if inflicted upon a dog or cat. Your support will ensure that Animals Australia can continue its critical work to end their suffering by lobbying governments, investigating cruelty, and revealing the truth about factory farming to caring consumers through television exposés and national TV, billboard, and radio campaigns. Learn more. Watch a video
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A personal message from Tamara:
My target: $ 2,500
So far I've raised: $ 1,345

I'm losing the booze for the month of October to help free pigs from factory farming! Our pig dodge plays in paddocks all day, sleeps by the fire in our house, enjoys the company of our cows and rolls in mud whenever he pleases! Not every gorgeous pig has a life worth living...

"Imagine being confined to a lift; all day, every day, until you die. Even if you were given sufficient food and water, this... alone would not be enough to make that kind of life worth living. It is recognised internationally that good animal welfare is determined by an animal's state of well-being which includes not only an animal's physiological state, but also his or her mental state. Animals are conscious feeling beings, and many of the things that matter to us also matter to them: relationships, physical sensations and freedom.

Factory farmed animals are raised intensively in artificial environments; usually indoors and in huge numbers. They are prevented from demonstrating their natural behaviours and their bodies are altered and sometimes mutilated to make them fit into the production system. To this end many will endure painful surgical procedures such as tooth cutting, tail docking, beak trimming and castration, all without pain relief. These practices are justified by producers to prevent animals from injuring themselves and others through behaviours brought on by stress, boredom and trauma: feather-pecking, biting other animals or chewing on their cages.
However — all of these behaviours are brought on by the cruelty of factory farming. Rather than provide animals with room to move and quality of life — bits and pieces are cut off them to make them 'fit' into cruel systems."

Knowledge is the single greatest threat to factory farming.  Your support will help to keep campaign ads running, ensuring that thousands more Australians will know the truth about factory farming. Your donation will also go to printing materials for grassroots community initiatives, as well as increasing lobbying power to close loopholes that allow for cruelty to animals in factory farms.

We can end this!
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Hanker J $50.00 31-10-2013  
Uncle Toad $20.00 31-10-2013  
Josie Wines $50.00 31-10-2013 Hope this helps Megan! Wonderful job u have done! 
Emmi Forster $25.00 31-10-2013 Good job...love you xx 
Hannah Gray $25.00 31-10-2013 Good luck :) 
Serena Vine $10.00 31-10-2013  
Jayne Chapman $25.00 31-10-2013 Last day of Ocsober...well done Megan !! 
Lynda Short $25.00 29-10-2013 Fantastic effort Megan! 
Farmer Bravington $50.00 19-10-2013  
Greg Hanratty $5.00 17-10-2013  
Craig Hanratty $20.00 17-10-2013  
malanie banney $15.00 16-10-2013  
David England $25.00 16-10-2013 From Mikalah & DJ :) 
Ben Doran $15.00 16-10-2013  
Tamara Tunstall $5.00 16-10-2013  
Cassie Haylock $10.00 15-10-2013  
Karen Clarke $50.00 14-10-2013  
Ben Thompson $50.00 14-10-2013 Good luck with it  
Amanda Stevenson $25.00 14-10-2013 Xx 
Eithne Jack $50.00 13-10-2013  
Keith Emery $50.00 13-10-2013 Proud of you Meggs ...& 
Julie Rawson $15.00 13-10-2013  
Zac Hemphill $10.00 13-10-2013  
Neil Rawson $30.00 13-10-2013  
Baz from Welshpool $50.00 13-10-2013  
Tracy from Toora $5.00 13-10-2013  
Melissa Dunne $50.00 12-10-2013 Keep up the great work Megan!!! 
Taryn and Anne $50.00 11-10-2013  
jake t $20.00 07-10-2013  
Kane J $100.00 06-10-2013  
Alaana Dray $50.00 06-10-2013  
Artie Williams $20.00 06-10-2013  
Skin and Billy $10.00 05-10-2013  
heidi schmidt $15.00 03-10-2013  
Larissa Flakus-Short $25.00 03-10-2013 You are amazing you little farm lady! Love your work xxx  
malanie banney $30.00 03-10-2013  
teneale keen $25.00 03-10-2013  
Alyce Crompton $100.00 02-10-2013 We love pigs, big and miniature  
Wendy Emery $25.00 02-10-2013  
Maleika Halpin $15.00 02-10-2013 What do you call a laundromat for pigs? - The Hogwash! 
Megan Emery $100.00 02-10-2013  

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