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Our cause is Duck shooting. Several Australian states have already banned duck shooting on animal welfare grounds, but hunting seasons are still permitted in Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania. Thousands of birds are killed every year and an estimated one in four birds shot will escape injured, left to die slowly from gunshot wounds. Your support will underpin critical lobbying initiatives to help bring about a nation-wide ban on this brutal blood-sport, and restore peace to Australia's wetlands. Learn more.
A personal message from Animals Australia:
Our target: $ 1,000
So far we've raised: $ 50

We're raising money to save ducks from hunting. Dawn is breaking over peaceful wetlands; home to millions of native waterbirds. As the sky lightens, gunshots shatter the serenity. Ducks shooting season has begun, and hunters with guns, boats and dogs set out to slaughter ducks.

This so called 'sport' causes immense carnage and suffering for native birds. For... every three birds killed by shotgun pellets, at least one is left wounded: to drown, to die slowly and painfully of her injuries, or to be picked off by predators. Even birds who are meant to be protected by law, may not escape unscathed.

Animals Australia has been mobilising caring members of the Australian community to speak out against duck hunting. We expose the cruelty of duck hunting and lobby Victorian, Tasmanian and South Australian governments to follow the example of Western Australia, Queensland and NSW in outlawing this brutal slaughter.

Your support will mean we can fight to save these vulnerable native birds from being killed for 'fun'.

Help us stop the shooting, and restore peace and safety to our wetlands.
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Judith Thompson $50.00 06-03-2013 For my son Richard who loved birds 

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