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My cause is factory farmed animals. Australians are opposed to animal cruelty. Yet hidden from public view, most animals raised into human care suffer lives of misery in factory farms. These animals have been excluded from laws that protect dogs and cats from acts of extreme cruelty such as intense confinement and painful surgical procedures without pain relief. Animals Australia's award winning Make it Possible campaign, investigations, and media exposés are leading the charge to end factory farming. Your support can help stop this cruelty forever. Learn more. Watch a video
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A personal message from Casey:
My target: $ 500
So far I've raised: $ 280

I'm raising money to help end factory farming. Im organising this fundraiser for the factory farmed pigs. I believe they have it the worst out of all farm animals and suffer the most horrific conditions during there (not so long) lives.
Pigs are my favourite animal, and I believe with a bit of education people will change there minds about these loving... creatures.
Please donate to help stop factory farms! Every dollar counts!
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(Name witheld) $50.00 31-03-2013  
nicole taylor $25.00 24-03-2013 happy birthday sis I know you will appreciate this more than your actual present  
Robyn Kilner $20.00 15-03-2013 Great work Casey you are giving the animals a voice ! 
Marina Stukacz $100.00 07-03-2013  
Hattie Keeler $25.00 07-03-2013 Awesome work, my friend. For the animals. :)  
(Name witheld) $10.00 06-03-2013  
Sally Hatwell $50.00 06-03-2013 Well done Casey! 

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