“So far I've raised $695 to help stop the fur trade. Please help me reach my goal of $1,000!
— Callie

Recent Donations
  • stephen brooke gave $10.00. “ "f" the fashion !”
  • Rodney Lear gave $25.00.
  • Wayne Swan gave $5.00. “protect the fury animals & let them live in peace, without man's intrusion ”
  • Rebecca Howard gave $100.00. “This has to be stopped!”
  • Greg Eveleigh gave $25.00. “Awareness is always the first step”
  • Nora Jones gave $250.00. “people need to stop creating demand and then this horrid industry will disappear.”
  • Garry de Vries gave $25.00. “This is so not living as God wants us to manage His awesome creation”
  • Kristy Charlton gave $5.00. “This treatment of animals needs to be stopped, absolutely disgraceful.job well done honey..xxxx”
  • Tara Maher gave $20.00. “I support you 100%”
  • Lana Borg gave $25.00. “This really needs to stop NOW!! so horrific!!”
  • Julie Carberry gave $25.00. “This horrid trade must be stopped.”
  • Jodi Palmer gave $15.00. “Good on you Callie :)”
  • Alison Smith gave $5.00. “Well done”
  • Angela Haddow gave $25.00. “Great cause Callie! Keep up the great work you do for the animals!”
  • Jenny Storaker gave $20.00. “Let's work together to stop one of the most abhorent atrocities against animals in the world ”
  • Brodie o connell gave $10.00. “happy to help you with this”
  • favel parrett gave $50.00.
  • Julie McCready gave $50.00. “I also am so passionate about ending the fur trade and am so happy you have set this up! Thankyou so much!!”

About my cause

My cause is fur animals. The global fur trade is one of the cruellest industries in the world. Most fur imported to Australia comes from China, where there are no animal welfare laws, and animals are often beaten, electrocuted, or even skinned alive for their pelts. Your support will strengthen Animals Australia's retailer outreach program to get fur out of shops, inform and inspire consumers to choose fur-free alternatives, and increase pressure on our government to enact a complete ban on fur imports to Australia. Learn more.
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