“So far I've raised $4,236 to help end animal abuse. Please help me reach my goal of $4,750!
— Lyn

Recent Donations
  • Acelin Arturo gave $10.00. “"Lyn, thankyou for what you and your staff are doing in helping Animals and lets hope Life Export gone from this face of the earth.”
  • Louise Bonomi gave $1.00.
  • Floriane Le Marchand Lee gave $100.00. “animal cruelty must end, thank you to Animals Australia”
  • colin margin gave $50.00. “animal's cannot speak for themselves”
  • Christine Blakers gave $200.00. “Lyn, thankyou so much for all you do for the animals. ”
  • Roza wyatt gave $50.00. “Hi Lyn, I commend you for the fantastic work you do. I donate to Animals Australia and 9 other animal charities on a monthly basis. Like you I believe all animals need someone to speak up for them. Happy Birthday Buddy from all my previous rescue dogs and my current rescue dog Dylan.”
  • patti judd gave $50.00. “keep up the good work Lyn, and Happy birthday Buddy from Lucinda and Oscar Birman cats”
  • Lyn Kohl gave $50.00. “Happy Birthday Buddy. Thank you, Lyn for all the wonderful work you do in helping the animals.”
  • Siobhan Waterford gave $25.00. “Thank you for your amazing work.”
  • mel reidy gave $50.00. “I also adopted a dog called Mallie who changed my life. I would encourage anyone thinking of having a dog in the family to visit the shelters and give a loved home to an animal who needs it.”
  • Ruth Weston gave $50.00. “Happy Birthday Buddy. I'm sure you are a great source of happiness for Lyn who is my hero. Love from Tan, Red and Sable - Australian Kelpies”
  • Penny Allen gave $50.00. “You are an inspiration! You have opened the eyes of ordinary Australians, to show them the cruelty inflicted on animals by agribusinesses aided and abetted by our so-called political representatives. Thank you from a compassionate farmer.”
  • Ruth Walwyn gave $25.00. “Dear Lyn and Buddy, Hope you had a wonderful birthday Buddy. I look at Buddy and see my rescue dog Harry, a border collie/kelpie cross. He has enriched our lives so much. Lyn, your work, the honesty of your approach and your level of commitment are truly remarkable”
  • Rheanne Long gave $50.00. “Lyn you are a true hero. Your work is so inspiring and life changing for many souls on this earth. Thank you for bringing awareness to these issues and for helping to keep those in power accountable. I am a massive fan of yours.”
  • D Harvey gave $100.00. “Thank you Lyn and everyone working with and supporting Australi. Happy birthday Buddy ( and Tony!!)Animals Australia ”
  • Cynthia Jennings gave $50.00. “God Bless you Lyn. Keep up the good work.”
  • stephanie jacques gave $35.00. “Thank you Lyn, i'm so greatful for what you do & Happy Birthday Buddy. I have looked after one 'like you' & you are special dogs. Thank you again Steph”
  • Susannah Thomas gave $25.00. “Have followed your progress since first seeing you on Australian Story. For my rescue dogs, Robbie and Harvey.”
  • MARK LINCOLN gave $25.00.
  • John McConnell gave $15.00.
  • John Reid gave $50.00. “You have changed our lives forever and made us more aware of the plight of all animals. Thankyou.”
  • Faye Fletcher gave $50.00. “What a wonderful human being you are Lyn. I have watched your work for our glorious 4 legged in this world and commend your selfless work. If ever you need volunteers I would put my hand up. Like one of your donators said "we should only be able to buy animals from shelters" and I feel that Pet Stores too should only sell those darlings from shelters. There is a Pet Store in Tweed Heads that does just that. Again, many thanks. Faye”
  • Jan Andrews gave $25.00.
  • Emer O'Gara gave $25.00. “I am in awe of brave and harrowing work that you and your team do. As they say in France bon courage et bonne continuation! ”
  • Nemo Kalish gave $50.00. “Lyn you are a remarkable human human being, Nemo and I are so very much inspired by your enormous dedication to free animals from human inflicted suffering”
  • Dawn Blair gave $25.00. “Hi Lyn, in 2008 we adopted our beautiful border collie, she had a very bad life before we got her but she has put so much trust in us and is a loving companion. She is now 14years and 3months. I know that you are going to have a great life with Buddy the Border by your side. Love the work that you do Lyn. Happy birthday Buddy. Love Dawn, Darryl and Jenie the Border Collie.”
  • Karen Jones gave $25.00. “Thank you Lyn- you are fighting the good fight for all of us. Love from George, Elroy (the Chihuahuas) Walter and Keiko (the cats) xx”
  • Vicki BARNES gave $50.00. “How could I refuse a border Collie, nice one Lyn ! For my Border Collie babies Kelly R.I.P. 2011 and Bella Happy B”
  • Sue Estment gave $25.00. “Lyn, you are my HERO!! You're amazing. Thank you.”
  • Joan Bucknell gave $50.00. “Admire you greatly, Lyn, for your wonderful commitment to all animals! My wish is that dogs and cats could only be purchased through shelters. Our dog and cats have come from a shelter.”
  • vic palmer gave $50.00. “hi bud happy birthday you have a great caring mum”
  • Marie Glover gave $50.00. “Happy Birthday Buddy from Finn and Baxter”
  • Judy Addison gave $50.00. “Yeah for Buddy!!! Love my BC, rescued from Mildura pound.Fantastic dog, we love him dearly.”
  • Jasna Slebinger gave $50.00.
  • Carol Crunkhorn gave $25.00. “Happy Birthday Buddy, love and good luck in your fundraising, from Houdini and Carol”
  • Barbara O'Casey gave $50.00. “Good on you Lyn, it's something special adopting from a shelter”
  • Annette Doughenehy gave $25.00.
  • Alex Shawcroft gave $15.00. “You're such an inspiration Lyn, keep up the great work!”
  • Jacqui Will gave $50.00. “You give me hope Lyn. Thank you from our family and Hamish our border collie adopted from Animal Welfare League.”
  • Vivien Thomas gave $25.00. “From Heidi, Achilles and Harvey who have happy loving lives!”
  • Joy Wagner gave $40.00. “All animal causes are dear to my heart.”
  • Helen Bealey gave $10.00. “Well done Lyn. From my budgies, Bob and Snow”
  • Margaret Leahy gave $25.00. “You are wonderful Lyn - you are my inspiration!”
  • Janet Baker gave $15.00. “Thank you Lyn and Team for all the good work you do on behalf of animals everywhere.”
  • Clare Mann gave $100.00. “Great work Lyn! Looking forward to seeing you in Sydney at Animal Matters. Keep up the inspiring work.”
  • Kathryn Harper gave $25.00. “Well done Lyn & Happy Adoption Day Buddy!”
  • Philippe Doneux gave $50.00. “Good work”
  • Wendy Hage gave $100.00. “Great work Lyn!”
  • Lena Martens gave $60.00. “For Minty and Inky. Thank you Lyn and Animals Australia for what you do.”
  • Chantelle Straton gave $10.00. “From Rusty and Ruby my two border collies!”
  • Nareen Nardi gave $50.00. “what a wonderful inspiration you are, you are certainly a gift from for all animals”
  • Leena Leon gave $50.00. “From Jeza & Tebby. Thank you for being that strong voice and not giving up. ”
  • Stephanie Kennedy gave $25.00. “Lyn you are an amazing human being”
  • ann tulett gave $50.00. “grateful for the work you do-thank you”
  • Ann Johnson gave $50.00. “For Tess, my companion for 15 years”
  • Heli Iso-Aho gave $50.00. “'The Greatness Of A Nation Can Be Jugded By The Way Its Animals Are Treated'. -Gandhi”
  • Signe Lawrence gave $20.00. “You have amazing kindness and dedication Thankyou!”
  • RĂ©gis MAS gave $25.00.
  • Carolyn Nicholas gave $25.00. “The work you do is amazing thank god for people like you ”
  • Alison Egerton gave $50.00. “From my dogs Sid & Scamp”
  • Raelene Harrison gave $250.00. “For Angus and Ruby”
  • James Walshe gave $100.00. “From George, a beautiful Border Collie to all dogs”
  • MARIANNE acreman gave $50.00.
  • Mardi Malone gave $50.00. “Thank you for the work you are doing. ”
  • Sue Tester gave $50.00. “My Sweet Lucy (Chihuahua) turned 17 4th March”
  • Julie Coleman gave $25.00. “For my beautiful dog Shiloh”

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