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Our cause is bobby calves. 'Bobby calves' are among the most vulnerable and abused animals in the Australian farming system. These baby calves are separated from their mothers within 12 hours of birth, so that their mothers' milk can be harvested for human consumption. Every year some 400,000 unwanted dairy calves are trucked to slaughter from just five days old. Your support will enable Animals Australia to continue critical lobbying and consumer awareness campaigns to help create a brighter future for these mistreated animals. Learn more. Watch a video
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A personal message from Animals Australia:
Our target: $ 1,000
So far we've raised: $ 367

We're fundraising to help end cruelty to bobby calves. A newborn is crying for his mother, hungry and bewildered. He was taken from her on his first day of life. Soon he will be sent 'away' and his life will be cut short. Meanwhile, his mother's milk - the milk intended for him - will be bottled up and sold on supermarket shelves.

Most people are shocked to learn that a... carton of cow's milk hides such a story of sorrow.

In order to produce milk, a cow must have a calf. Once she gives birth, she and her baby are usually separated and, at less than a week of age, most of these calves are slaughtered as 'waste products'. This is the dark side of the dairy industry.

Animals Australia is working tirelessly to shine a light on this cruel practice. Our campaign on behalf of 'bobby' calves has achieved nationwide advertising and media coverage, informing and empowering caring members across the community to make choices at the checkout to protect calves.

By mounting pressure on industry and government, our efforts are also challenging the sector to address its entrenched cruelty.

Your support will allow us to continue exposing the hidden truth of this cruel industry, and standing up for these innocent baby animals. Together we can create a kinder future for calves and their mothers. Please give today.
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Rosanna Furina $20.00 05-08-2015  
Tommi O $100.00 26-06-2015 This donation is on behalf of my supporters from my Pozible hair cut campaign. I only learned of bobby cows this month, and found it crazy that I never really thought about it before. I love milk, but I think it's important to have an understanding of where our food comes from so we can all make informed choices. This cause is especially important to me because cows are one of my favorite animals! 
lisette olds $20.00 08-12-2013 The lives of 700,000 bobby calfs considered "waste products", absolutely abhorrent.  
kala raghu $50.00 24-06-2013  
(Name witheld) $100.00 07-04-2013  
Krista Jacobs $25.00 06-03-2013  
Beverley Humm $50.00 05-03-2013 Once I realised what dreadful things are happening to the calves I stopped buying the milk and my husband and I now drink substitute milks 
Karen Nilsen $1.00 26-02-2013  
Karen Nilsen $1.00 26-02-2013  

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