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My cause is Duck shooting. Several Australian states have already banned duck shooting on animal welfare grounds, but hunting seasons are still permitted in Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania. Thousands of birds are killed every year and an estimated one in four birds shot will escape injured, left to die slowly from gunshot wounds. Your support will underpin critical lobbying initiatives to help bring about a nation-wide ban on this brutal blood-sport, and restore peace to Australia's wetlands. Learn more.
A personal message from Tristan:
My target: $ 1,000
So far I've raised: $ 800

I'm raising money to save native waterbirds. Hi all, I will be shaving my beard to raise money to end the duck hunting season. Thousands of ducks are slaughtered during this period for the recreational activities of a few. As part of this practice, hundreds of endangered and threatened species of water birds are killed. I am willing to give up my beloved beard to... see these ducks live safely in their wetlands. Please donate what you can, it is greatly appreciated! Much love! See More »

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emre rothzerg $4.00 21-08-2019  
Tristan Plunkett $50.00 16-06-2016 From Grampy 
Tristan Plunkett $50.00 21-05-2016 From A & G Jansz, Brendan & Elana, Julia and Lucy 
Tristan Plunkett $50.00 21-05-2016 From A & G Jansz, Brendan & Elana, Julia and Lucy 
Jeremiah Ocampo $30.00 21-05-2016 Cheers beards. 
Anita Plunkett $50.00 21-05-2016 Save the duckies 
Isaac Toia $25.00 21-05-2016 Quack quack 🐥🐥 
Steph and Ian Toia $25.00 21-05-2016 Yay 
william,ryan,rachel Plunkett $50.00 09-05-2016 good luck tristan. and take that beard off. 
Tristan Plunkett $156.00 07-05-2016 More money raised from sausage sizzle 
Tristan Plunkett $50.00 07-05-2016 From sausage sizzle and donations 
Lauren Plunkett $50.00 03-05-2016  
(Name witheld) $25.00 02-05-2016  
Lorelle Denham $50.00 02-05-2016 Nom 
John Conolan $10.00 02-05-2016 Anything to get rid of a beard 
Anna Denham $50.00 01-05-2016 Yayy, will be nice to see your face again! 
Alana Denham $50.00 08-04-2016 Well done babe! 
Yohann Paranavitana $25.00 05-04-2016 Choooel 

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