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Our cause is Chickens. Chickens are not only highly sensitive animals, but are remarkably intelligent as well. Despite advances overseas, Australian laws still permit some 12 million hens to be confined in battery cages where their 'living' space is less than an A4 piece of paper — not even enough room to stretch their wings. Animals Australia needs your support to increase pressure on governments and retailers, and to continue national consumer awareness campaigns that are alerting millions to the hidden suffering of hens in battery cages. Learn more. Watch a video
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A personal message from Animals Australia:
Our target: $ 1,000
So far we've raised: $ 100

We're raising money to free hens from the cruelty of battery cages. The egg is often viewed as a symbol of new life and hope. Yet the life of a battery hen is one of pain and suffering. Confined to a space smaller than an A4 piece of paper, she cannot even stretch her wings or express her most basic natural behaviours. She has never seen the sky or felt sun warm her feathers, and a... cramped wire cage is the only home she has ever known. Lack of activity weakens her frail body. An estimated one in six battery hens lives with an untreated broken bone.

Animals Australia is campaigning to make the battery cage history. Our investigations and groundbreaking public awareness campaigns have put factory farming in the spotlight: on billboards, in newspapers, on radio and TV, and have gained the support of influential Australians like musician Missy Higgins.

These campaigns have inspired everyday Australians to make more compassionate choices at the checkout and have forced the industry to pay attention.

In response to public concern, supermarket giant Coles has committed to phasing out their Homebrand cage eggs by 2013. By continuing to expose the truth about factory farming and empower individuals to not buy into cruelty we can achieve even greater results for hens in Australia.

The EU banned battery cages from 1st January 2012, and in Australia momentum is building. In May 2012 Tasmania made the historic decision to become the first state in Australia to commit to banning battery cages.

With your generous support, Animals Australia's continued campaign to protect hens from cruelty can see the rest of Australia follow Tasmania’s lead. Together we will make the battery cage history.

This important work is funded entirely by donations. Please give today.
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