“So far I've raised $900 to help end animal abuse. Please help me reach my goal of $5,000!
— Barbara

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  • Barbara Woodward gave $50.00. “Towards ending live animal exporting”
  • Barbara Woodward gave $50.00. “To help towards the Live Animal Trade issue. ”
  • Barbara Woodward gave $50.00. “To help free the beautiful hens asap”
  • Barbara Woodward gave $50.00. “A Xmas wish for animals”
  • Barbara Woodward gave $100.00. “Funds towards some postal items being sent to me plus help with the extra work needed to try to reverse the appalling back flip for Greyhounds in NSW , thankyou so much for what is ahead. The animals need you desperately. ”
  • Barbara Woodward gave $50.00. “For you ongoing excellent efforts, thankyou”
  • Barbara Woodward gave $50.00. “Towards the podcast please”
  • Barbara Woodward gave $50.00. “Make this a kinder Xmas and planet”
  • Barbara Woodward gave $50.00.
  • Jeffrey Kidd gave $50.00. “consider all animal's feelings”
  • Jasmine Woodward gave $50.00. “End animal suffering”
  • Richard Mitchell gave $100.00.
  • Ron Woodward gave $50.00.
  • Barbara Woodward gave $50.00. “Please dont just cry -do something to help to protect our aminals from cruelty. ”
  • Barbara Woodward gave $50.00. “0ver 50 reasons to care”

About my cause

My cause is Animals Australia. Animals Australia is internationally respected for its commitment to investigating and exposing animal abuse. As Australia's foremost animal protection organisation, Animals Australia works to protect the most vulnerable and abused animals in our society, focusing on the areas of greatest need such as factory farming and live animal export. Your support will underpin critical public awareness initiatives and help to send experienced investigators to where animals need them most. Learn more.
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