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Our cause is lab animals. Though it is illegal to test consumer products on animals in Australia, many household brands are developed using tests which poison, burn, and kill animals in laboratories overseas before being imported and sold to Australian consumers. Rabbits, mice, cats, and dogs make up some of the millions of animals affected every year. Your support will help increase lobbying pressure on companies to adopt alternatives to animal tests, and strengthen public outreach to enable shoppers to make informed and cruelty-free choices. Learn more.
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Our target: $ 1,000
So far we've raised: $ 100

We're raising money to help end animal testing. Their eyes stinging and reddened, their skin raw and inflamed, millions of animals each year are subjected to painful and invasive tests for new cosmetics and toiletries. Not only are such tests cruel, but they are also often less accurate than non-animal alternatives, and are completely unnecessary.

These product... tests are illegal in Australia, but sadly many major companies still test products on rabbits, dogs, rats and other animals overseas before importing these same products to sell in Australia.

Animals Australia’s campaigning has opened the eyes of thousands of Australians to the cruelties of animal testing and inspired them to make cruelty-free choices when buying cosmetics and toiletries. By lobby companies to stop testing on animals, and raising public awareness about choosing cruelty-free, we stand up for the millions of animals still suffering needlessly through cruel product testing.

With the generous support of our donors, we are also working to inform a growing number of caring teachers, students and researchers about the many alternatives to using animals in education and research.

Your support will enable Animals Australia to continue this fight, by campaigning for producers and retailers to stop product testing on animals, empowering consumers to make cruelty-free choices, promoting alternatives to animal testing in research, and lobbying the Australian government to ban the import of products tested on animals.

Together we can save animals from cruel animal tests.
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