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Our cause is Exported animals. Every year millions of Australian animals are sent to slaughter in countries with no laws to protect them from cruelty. Animals Australia's investigations have revealed the routine brutality inflicted upon animals in destination countries, resulting in a suspension of the live trade to Indonesia and Egypt, and intense public pressure for a complete ban. Your support will help ensure Animals Australia can continue to lobby governments and send investigators to where animals need them most, to bring about an end to live exports. Learn more. Watch a video
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A personal message from TALE Inc:
Our target: $ 3,000
So far we've raised: $ 2,150

We're raising money to help stop the cruelty of live animal export. We will never forget the day we took this photo. These animals were loaded on board a live export ship and just looked out curiously as the ship left Ross Creek and moved into the shipping channel.They did not know it then, but they were leaving the Port of Townsville to  embark on the worst voyage an animal can take -... a one way trip overseas to a brutal death. And it is still happening to so many animals who leave our port, right here in Townsville. Townsville Against Live Export Inc  wants to spare cattle raised in  North Queensland from suffering the cruelty of the live export trade. Cattle exported from Townsville go mainly to Indonesia and Vietnam where horrific abuse of Australian animals has been well documented. The cattle face a gruelling voyage of at least a week on board a ship to Indonesia and up to two weeks on some ships to reach Vietnam. The cruelty doesn't end there. Many animals are then slaughtered while fully conscious with some in Vietnam also experiencing the cruel practices of "flooding" and being sledge hammered to death.

In 2016, 224,255 cattle were exported from the Port of Townsville making Townsville the second largest live cattle export port in Australia and the Port is planning to hit the 250,000 mark in 2017. This means more cattle suffering the cruelty of the live export trade, the export of more local jobs and the stench from thousands of cattle being loaded at a Port close to the CBD, tourist and residential areas. Funds raised will be used for advertising in Townsville to help raise awareness of the cruelty that animals within the live export trade suffer and increase the pressure on our political representatives to put an end to it

Please donate and help support our efforts to end live export. It's bad for animals and bad for our local Townsville community.
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From Donation Date Comments
Danielle Filardi $50.00 22-03-2017 Live export has to stop. It is the most sickening of them all. Thank you so much for your fundraising and awareness efforts. Australia needs to stop turning a blind eye and end this disgusting trade. 
(Name witheld) $50.00 21-03-2017  
leesa porter $50.00 05-03-2017 STOP THIS CRUEL TRADE 
Teresa Patel $150.00 18-02-2017  
Helen Harris $25.00 15-02-2017 keep up the awesome work you do! 
Debra Ashcroft $10.00 15-02-2017  
rebecca smith $50.00 14-02-2017 Please let this be on my bus 
MIke Rubenach $20.00 10-02-2017 cruelty to animals must stop 
Annie Frankcom $50.00 06-02-2017 Lets Aim for Lots of Buses 
(Name witheld) $100.00 06-02-2017  
Charlie Dearle $80.00 06-02-2017  
Sarah Levy $50.00 06-02-2017  
Debbie Edwards $50.00 04-02-2017 Stop it the sooner the better 
Jacqueline Toomey $15.00 03-02-2017  
Dominique Thiriet $50.00 03-02-2017  
(Name witheld) $50.00 03-02-2017  
craig sambell $50.00 03-02-2017 Please stop this barbaric activity 
Lisa Zilberpriver $25.00 03-02-2017  
Jackie Weedman $50.00 02-02-2017 We will stop live animal export 
(Name witheld) $25.00 02-02-2017  
dorothy Fletcher $50.00 30-01-2017  
(Name witheld) $250.00 29-01-2017  
(Name witheld) $50.00 27-01-2017  
Janet McCarthy $100.00 26-01-2017 Great work Tale 
Deb Rothschild $50.00 26-01-2017  
Emma Brown $20.00 26-01-2017  
Maureen Sladdin $50.00 25-01-2017 Happy to help stop the cruelty 
Adriana Wall $100.00 25-01-2017 This cruel trade needs to end. 
Petra Elliott $50.00 25-01-2017 Keep up the great work TALE 
(Name witheld) $50.00 24-01-2017  
Patricia Sloan-Raso $50.00 24-01-2017 Stop this barbaric trade now, theres no reason for live animals to be put through such agony. Its just not acceptable and it needs to be stopped now. 
Brooke Lenon $25.00 24-01-2017 Good work TALE 
(Name witheld) $10.00 24-01-2017  
(Name witheld) $20.00 21-01-2017  
Jill Brown $25.00 19-01-2017  
Belinda Slater $50.00 18-01-2017  
(Name witheld) $50.00 18-01-2017  

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