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My cause is Animals Australia. Animals Australia is internationally respected for its commitment to investigating and exposing animal abuse. As Australia's foremost animal protection organisation, Animals Australia works to protect the most vulnerable and abused animals in our society, focusing on the areas of greatest need such as factory farming and live animal export. Your support will underpin critical public awareness initiatives and help to send experienced investigators to where animals need them most. Learn more. Watch a video
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Watch this video to see why this issue is important to me.

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A personal message from Ricardo:
My target: $ 2,000
So far I've raised: $ 1,916

Please sponsor me to complete a Half Iron Man Triathlon Hey friends I hope you can dig in and sponsor me with whatever contribution that you can to help donate $2,000 to Animals Australia. As a deal if you do, I'll promise to finish a Half Iron Man triathlon that will see me complete a 2km swim, a 90km bike ride and finish with a 21km run. Not bad for me as you know! ;-)... This will happen on December 13th 2015.

Help me fight the good fight and help reduce animal suffering by helping Animals Australia to raise greater public awareness about Factory Farming and Australia's Live Export Trade and to lobby governments to introduce or lift existing laws to protect the welfare of animals.

I'll be grateful for any contributions that you can make. But most grateful will be the voiceless and helpless animals that are suffering right now. Help give them a voice.

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From Donation Date Comments
Oliver Rowley $25.00 25-01-2016  
(Name witheld) $50.00 22-12-2015  
Cara Foley $50.00 18-12-2015 You are so awesome. xx 
Ian Wurth $10.00 13-11-2015 Don't trip over your feet ;) 
Mark Lording $30.00 13-11-2015 Onya rick 
Andrew Ballingall $66.00 08-11-2015 🏃🏁 
Sergio Inacio $100.00 05-11-2015  
Manuel Da Cunha $50.00 03-11-2015  
Robin Riddle $25.00 02-11-2015 action speaks loudly... 
Ryan Ennis $20.00 02-11-2015 Good on ya mate, all the best!! 
Louie Tzakopoulos $20.00 30-10-2015 Good Luck mate!  
Claire Wurth $25.00 30-10-2015 Protecting those who can't protect themselves! Great Work 
Cain Pascoe $20.00 30-10-2015 You da man! 
LOREDANA MIHAILA-LOCK $30.00 30-10-2015 You can do it! 
Doron Klemer $25.00 29-10-2015 Go get em, tiger!! 
Maria Da Costa $50.00 29-10-2015  
Jay Chin $8.00 29-10-2015  
Nils Wurth $10.00 29-10-2015  
Ricardo Jong $50.00 29-10-2015 Credit goes out to you for your passion!! 
Anthony Wurth $10.00 29-10-2015 Good work!  
Carlos Goncalves $37.00 29-10-2015  
Claudia Da Cunha $50.00 29-10-2015 Good luck!  
Catherine Wilcox $50.00 29-10-2015 Awesome work Ric! Goodluck xx Sass & Mark 
Kerrie Henderson $25.00 28-10-2015 A great cause Ric, best of luck and thank you for helping those that can't help themselves :( 
Kobiachi bradbury $30.00 28-10-2015 Ahhh Ricardo. Do it for the chicks.. in cages.. 
John Kinch $50.00 28-10-2015 Go for it Ric. Awesome stuff. 
Stu & Sal Rigaldi $40.00 28-10-2015 Good Luck Ric!!  
Tim Collisbird $50.00 28-10-2015 Best of Luck Ric. 
Keryn Barclay $25.00 28-10-2015 Good luck you can do it !!! 
mark Dixon $50.00 28-10-2015 Say no to punching puppies! 
(Name witheld) $25.00 28-10-2015  
Clint Tennant $25.00 28-10-2015 Goodluck mate! Hope there's no Scottish unicorns running the race 
Dan Maslin $25.00 28-10-2015 Good luck mate. I've got a Torker BMX if you need to borrow it for the big day. 
Brett Roach $50.00 28-10-2015 Good luck mate, you're a champion  
Lani McAuliffe $25.00 28-10-2015 Awesome job Ric!!  
Iain Sim $50.00 28-10-2015 Good luck Ric 
Bernie Zajac $20.00 28-10-2015  
Shane Mcauliffe $50.00 28-10-2015 Fight the good fight son good luck 
Ben Goode $25.00 28-10-2015 Champion 
Jordan Cantelo $50.00 28-10-2015 You're a champion mate! Good luck 
J Wren $25.00 28-10-2015 We would've donated without you torturing yourself. Good luck buddy 
Leah Kennedy $25.00 28-10-2015 Good Luck! :) 
Dylan Fox $40.00 28-10-2015 Such a worthy cause you legend!  
Benjamin Foley $25.00 28-10-2015 Well done, brother. Very inspiring. 
kate cenusa $50.00 28-10-2015 Good luck bud! Kate & Rob 
(Name witheld) $100.00 27-10-2015  
Cindy Buchan $25.00 27-10-2015 Go Ricardo! Such a compassionate warm person you are! 
(Name witheld) $25.00 27-10-2015  
Julie Copping $50.00 27-10-2015 well done buddy 
robert garrad $25.00 27-10-2015 Well done Ric. 
Alisha Hill $25.00 27-10-2015 Go Ricky!!! You are AWESOME!!! xx 
Shane Lowthian $50.00 27-10-2015 good work Bro-meo 
Stuart Cox $25.00 27-10-2015 Great stuff Ric! Good luck for the race! 

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